Minecraft Redditor is building a massive 501x501 beacon in the game

Beacons require a lot of resources (Image via Mojang)
Beacons require a lot of resources (Image via Mojang)

The Minecraft subreddit is filled with impressive builds. Players often get inspired to make any and everything they can think, usually resulting in massive ocean monument bases, giant pyramids, and so much more.

The latest entry comes from a Redditor who has set out to build one of the biggest beacons in Minecraft history. A beacon requires 164 blocks to fully power, but this player is blowing that number entirely out of the water.

Minecraft Redditor is building largest beacon in recent memory

One of the biggest challenges of fully powering a beacon is the number of blocks required. It's also made significantly more challenging because of the type of blocks needed. Iron blocks, gold blocks, emerald blocks, diamond blocks, and/or netherite blocks will suffice.

That means that a fully powered beacon requires 1,476 diamonds, iron ingots, gold ingots, emeralds, or netherite ingots. This Redditor is building a beacon with a 501x501 base, which means they're going to need an astronomical amount of resources.

The beacon isn't finished yet, which likely means the Minecraft player ran out of resources. Fortunately, emeralds can sometimes be a little bit easier to find than other resources like diamond or netherite.

Beacons can be made with different resources (Image via Mojang)
Beacons can be made with different resources (Image via Mojang)

Emeralds can be mined, though that's the most challenging way to collect them. With villagers, emeralds can be earned very quickly through trades. However, this does require gamers to have lots of the necessary items, like paper, carrots, or clay.

A couple of commenters did the math and discovered that the builder will need more emeralds than most users have ever seen.

To top it all off, this beacon is being built in Minecraft Hardcore mode, which makes it even more impressive. If the player were to fall too far or try to swim in lava, all the work would go away.

For now, the community is impressed and likely awaiting any future updates. The post has nearly four thousand upvotes at the time of writing. The final product will surely top that number.

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