Minecraft Redditor codes a friend in-game to make their world less lonely

A coded friend (Image via u/KevinJNguy01 on Reddit)
A coded friend (Image via u/KevinJNguy01 on Reddit)

Generally speaking, playing Minecraft with friends is better than playing alone.

For starters, everything is much easier with a friend. The game is simplified when there are two pickaxes mining for resources, two swords attacking hostile mobs and two hands building a home.

To the game's credit, there's almost nothing that can't be accomplished in a single-player world. It's just harder and can sometimes be lonely.

That's why servers, realms and multiplayer worlds are so popular. However, they're not always accessible to everyone.

Coded friend (Image via u/KevinJNguy01 on Reddit)
Coded friend (Image via u/KevinJNguy01 on Reddit)

What does one do when there is no one to play with?

Well, one Redditor (u/KevinJNguy01) took it upon themselves to create their own friend to play Minecraft with. They achieved this by coding a friend within the game.

Redditors reacts as Minecraft player codes a friend to help them survive their world

A multiplayer world usually involves multiple players, not a player and an NPC. In fact, vanilla Minecraft doesn't have NPCs (unless villagers count, but that's a reach).

However, Minecraft Education Edition does. Players in this version of the game can code an NPC to do things like offer hints and dispense items. These NPCs can't fight mobs or talk in chat with other players. They also don't look like normal avatars do.

What u/KevinJNguy01 accomplished is impressive because it's fairly unprecedented. Most players don't go around coding fake players into their favorite games.

What was even more impressive was that the coded friend seemed to have full autonomy. It spawned when the original player typed "give me a friend!" into the chat. However, after it spawned, it seemed to make its own decisions.

The coded friend responded to the chat, though those might have been pre-programmed responses. It also ran through the forests with the real player and fought Pillagers. The pair ended their day by going to sleep in a double bed.

Considering how difficult it must be to code everything, this is extremely impressive. It's also a little heartwarming, as many single-player gamers can relate to this Redditor's actions.

The Minecraft community loves the post and has given it a lot of attention. One commenter noted that while the ability to code a friend within the game is impressive, the need to do so is sad.

Another commenter echoed the same sentiment.

One user questioned if this was the future of gaming.

Meanwhile, this user was concerned about the direction the video was going.

One Redditor thought it was hilarious that the OP had to create their own friend.

One commenter thinks "friendship" might not be an accurate description of the relationship.

This user said the relationship was a result of the housing crisis.

One Redditor thought the post was just spot on.

At the time of writing, this post had over 48K upvotes.

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