Minecraft streamer Ranboo's "My Beloved" NYC Times Square Billboard officially revealed

Minecraft star Ranboo's billboard at NYC Times Square (Image Credits: Sportskeeda)
Minecraft star Ranboo's billboard at NYC Times Square (Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

Minecraft star Ranboo's NYC Times Square Billboard has finally been revealed. After receiving massive support from his beloved fanbase, his community's trademark slogan "ranboo my beloved" was put on New York City's Times Square Billboard today.

On June 14th, 2021, the Global Social AR Platform ARKH took to Twitter to announce a competition that the most liked reply in the next 24 hours would be put on a New York City Times Square Billboard. It was a battle between the fanbases of many content creators.

Minecraft streamer Ranboo emerged victorious with over 290k likes in his reply to ARKH's tweet. ARKH announced him as the winner through another tweet congratulating him for his victory.

Minecraft streamer Ranboo's Billboard at NYC Times Square

In February, Corpse Husband tweeted "STREAM E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" and won a similar competition hosted by Gymshark. His tweet was also featured on the NYC Times Square Billboard and received love from many fans and creators, including Dream, MyBeast, JackSepticEye, and Ranboo.

Mutual fans probably experienced deja vu after viewing the beautiful "ranboo my beloved" billboard on the iconic NYC Times billboard today. Many fans took photos of the billboard and posted them on social media.

It is truly an amazing day for Ranboo's fans all over the world. Getting featured at NYC Times Square billboard is a remarkable feat for any content creator. Some streamers visited Times Square to cover this beautiful event.

How long is the billboard going to stay?

Ranboo my beloved (Image via Tyler Dahlberg)
Ranboo my beloved (Image via Tyler Dahlberg)

It is no hidden fact that Ranboo, the Minecraft star, has gained fans from all over the world. Sadly for many fans, they failed to reach NYC Times Square during the time of the reveal. However, the good news is that the "ranboo my beloved" billboard will be available for the next 24 hours.

ARKH provided relief to Ranboo's fans by announcing that the billboard will loop in every five minutes for the next 24 hours after the reveal. Fans who miss it can come later and experience the glorious beauty of "ranboo my beloved."

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