Minecraft streamer Technoblade's cancer research stream raises over $328,000

Technoblade raises over $328,000 for cancer research (Image via Technoblade)
Technoblade raises over $328,000 for cancer research (Image via Technoblade)

On September 26, Minecraft streamer and content creator Technoblade raised over $328,000 for cancer research, via a fundraising stream on his main YouTube channel.

Last month, Technoblade made the heartbreaking announcement of his cancer diagnosis. The revelation shook the entire Technoblade fandom, and many came to show their support for his speedy recovery.

Along with fans, some popular streamers like Dream and awesamdude added their support by conducting charity streams. Dream turned the Minecraft Championship "MCC" 16 into a charity event and donated $21,409 for cancer research.

Minecraft streamer Technoblade raises $328,000 for cancer research


Technoblade is among the most famous Minecraft personalities on YouTube. He had been on hiatus for a month without announcing a break from content creation. Unfortunately, the reason behind his disappearance turned out to be cancer.

On August 28, Technoblade officially announced his cancer diagnosis on YouTube. Techno maintained his comical personality during the video, and assured fans that he was going through treatment and would return for chemotherapy.


Technoblade decided to host a charity stream after he started feeling well. Unlike other Minecraft streams, this stream was pretty different as the viewers could control Techno's actions by making donations.

Fans spawned a Wither tagged with their name and had Technoblade battle it; gave him a random item in inventory and so on. Many other popular streamers joined the stream and made it a very successful charity drive.

Fans were surprised by unexpected appearances of Ranboo, Ph1LzA, Wilbur Soot, Skeppy, im a squid kid, to name a few. Technoblade's friends played the role of "hunters" in a Minecraft manhunt. With its hilarious donation system and the arrival of other popular streamers, Technoblade's charity drive broke the donation goal quite easily.

glad to have been apart of an event that raised so much money!!! you can still donate here if you want to:…

Initially, Technoblade had planned to raise $250,000 over the course of 28 days. But, his fandom surprised him by donating over $323,000 in just a four-hour stream, with more donations rolling in later. Donations started flooding in right from the start, and about $100,000 was raised around 40 minutes in.

a summary of the first hour or so of techno's charity stream [rts appreciated]#technoblade#technofanart

Technoblade's Minecraft charity drive was a huge success. While the stream has ended, fans can still visit the fundraiser’s Tiltify page and contribute to cancer research. Technoblade has promised a second live event soon, and will keep fans updated about his health condition.

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