Mojang reveals Rascal, the second candidate for Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

The Rascal playing hide and seek (Image via Minecraft on Twitter)
The Rascal playing hide and seek (Image via Minecraft/Twitter)

After revealing the first Mob Vote for the upcoming Minecraft Live, Mojang announced the second mob today. The Sniffer was revealed yesterday, and today, players were treated to a first look at the Rascal, which will be a popular choice when voting occurs.

The Mob Vote is happening in a little over a week, and Mojang is taking the opportunity to inform players about what they will be able to vote for as early as they can. They want gamers to have all the information when deciding how to potentially dramatically alter the game moving forward.

The third mob has not yet been announced but will more than likely be revealed tomorrow. Here's what to know about the Rascal.

Rascal revealed as Minecraft Mob Vote's second challenger

Mojang posted the teaser for the Rascal on the game's official Twitter handle. It was similar to the initial teaser for the Mob Vote and the teaser for the Sniffer. Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes are once again investigating what these mobs will do if they're added to the game.

Mob Vote reveal: Do you like hide-and-seek? The rascal may be the mob for you! begins October 14!

This is what the teaser said about the Rascal:

"[It's] just a little mischievous. It lives underground and loves playing hide and seek."

The Rascal then brought Tiny Jens an enchanted pickaxe. This is very likely a reward for participating in the hide and seek game it loves to play.

It seems that Mojang is opting to introduce more helpful mobs like last year's Allay, since both the Sniffer and Rascal are helpful.

It should be noted that the Rascal differs from the others. If added, it would introduce a sort of new game mode into Minecraft. In Survival, there aren't any game modes, but this would function as a sort of minigame. Players can hunt for the Rascal and be rewarded with a nice item if they win enough times.

Sniffer eggs discovered underwater (Image via Minecraft/YouTube)
Sniffer eggs discovered underwater (Image via Minecraft/YouTube)

So far, the Mob Vote looks like it will be hotly contested. Both these mobs look good and could be unique additions to the game. In both cases, the gameplay (including some items) would be changed if they're added, which could be a big draw for potential voters.

Keep in mind that the voting format has changed this year. Rather than a Twitter poll, the vote will be held on the Minecraft Launcher, the official website, and a special Bedrock server. It will begin on October 14 at noon EST and last until the following day at noon EST.

Readers can stay tuned for more information regarding Minecraft's Sniffer, Rascal, and the unannounced third mob.

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