How to vote for Sniffer in Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Vote

First look at the Sniffer (Image via Minecraft on YouTube)
First look at the Sniffer (Image via YouTube/Minecraft)

Yesterday, Minecraft gave a little tease about the three choices that will be available in the next Mob Vote. On October 15, the winner of the 2022 Mob Vote will be revealed, but crafters had no idea what they could vote for when the time comes.

A short teaser offered a little bit of insight into the roles of these mobs, but they were not given a name, a picture or even a full description.

Since there's not much time left for Mojang to reveal all three mobs, they've begun the rollout of information. One of the mobs has finally been revealed: The Sniffer. Here's what it does, how to vote for it, and more.

Minecraft Live 2022: First Mob Vote candidate announced

The Sniffer is the first mob to be revealed and got an official announcement trailer on YouTube. Tiny Agnes and Tiny Jens were instructed to investigate the mysterious happenings and they've discovered the Sniffer.


The mob was revealed to look like a square egg, but it rolled over and walked away. It resembles a turtle, but the video pointed out that it is actually an ancient mob.

According to Tiny Agnes:

"They loved plants, and found seeds by sniffing the ground in the most adorable way."

The mob was once extinct but is now returning to the overworld and will potentially be repopulated if it wins the Mob Vote.

The Sniffer's role seems to be similar to Allay, who will find items that players give to them. It seems that Sniffers will find available seeds in the ground that gamers can then plant.

Allay is a helpful mob to players, and based on the initial look, the Sniffer will be one, too.

The two candidates it is facing have not been revealed yet, so there is a chance it can end up being the worst mob available, but the Sniffer is promising and could be a lot of fun if added to Minecraft.


This year's polling will be different than in previous Minecraft Mob Votes. Normally, the official Twitter account posts a poll with the three options, where voters have a short amount of time to vote for their preferred mob.

Once the time's up, the top two mobs will be added to a final poll, where the votes will be tallied again. The final winner will get added to the game in the next major update.

However, that method was not inclusive, especially to players who do not have Twitter. This year, Mojang is giving many more gamers the opportunity to vote.

Official banner for Live (Image via Mojang)
Official banner for Live (Image via Mojang)

For PC players, the Minecraft Launcher will have the vote for 24 hours prior to the livestream on October 15. Bedrock players can join a special server dedicated to housing the vote, which will have minigames and other things to do as well.

Finally, everyone can access the official website, which will be the third destination for the polls. The vote, for the first time, can be changed within the 24 hours once cast. The winner won't be revealed until the stream.

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