How to vote for mobs in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

Minecraft Live is returning with a key mob vote (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Live is returning with a key mob vote (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Live is coming in under two weeks. Big news regarding the base game, Dungeons, and the yet-to-be-released Legends will be disseminated and fans of Mojang's work are naturally excited. The livestream will be one of the biggest events of the year for the game.

Minecraft will be having another Mob Vote this year. There have been three previous ones: 2017, 2020, and 2021, where Phantom, Glowsquid, and Allay were added to the game as a result of their vote wins and the losers were lost forever.

What will be involved in this year's vote hasn't yet been revealed, though Mojang did post a teaser for the stream that may give a little insight to what the mobs can do. Here's that information as well as new voting methods for Minecraft Live.

Minecraft Live: New information revealed on mobs and voting methods

The short teaser features fan-favorites Tiny Vu, Tiny Agnes, and Tiny Jens discussing the upcoming livestream and potential information on the mobs themselves.

They stopped short of naming the mobs or giving a look at them, but their dialogue is intentional and might hold information about them that crafters will want to know.

Which mobs are trying to join Minecraft? 🤔Tiny Vu, Tiny Agnes, and Tiny Jens are on the case! Stay tuned...

The teaser, titled the Great Mob Caper, has the three characters saying this:

"I have asked you here today because something mysterious is afoot in the overworld. All the chests in the underwater ruins are filled with eggs. Eggs! Someone spied on me in the mines! My hats keep moving around."

They go on to say that they need to solve the mystery of what is happening (the three occurrences are a clear nod to the three mobs in the impending vote):

"We need to solve this before Minecraft Live. I need my hats! Could this be the work of a few mobs trying to get our attention? I think you're on to something."

That last quote may indicate that the mobs will be revealed prior to the livestream. The vote will begin the day prior, but the announcement of which mobs are in the vote might come a little bit before that.

As for voting, this year is entirely different. In the past, Minecraft's official Twitter page hosted a poll in which the top two vote-getters would move on to a final round. The leader was crowned the Mob Vote winner and eventually added to the game.

This year, Mojang is abandoning that method. Instead, there will be three methods, all in an effort to make the vote more inclusive.

Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes (Image via Minecraft on YouTube)
Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes (Image via Minecraft on YouTube)

First, the Launcher will have the vote for those players. Second, a special Bedrock server will be launched that will have minigames and the vote. Finally, the official Minecraft website will also allow players to vote, so almost everyone should be able to participate.

Instead of limiting the vote to players with their Twitter accounts, this year will see a vote that is more representative of the full population of the player base.

For now, the three mobs are unknown, but they may have something to do with underwater ruins, hats, and mining.

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