Where do Allays spawn in Minecraft 1.19?

Allay holding an amethyst shard (Image via Minecraft 1.19)
Allay holding an amethyst shard (Image via Minecraft 1.19)

The Allay is a new mob that was recently added to Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update. It is a cute and friendly mob that can help players in more ways than one. However, finding them can be a bit challenging as they do not spawn commonly in the world.

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The player base chose the mob during the Minecraft Live event through voting. Mojang showcased three mobs, amongst which the Allay got the most amount of votes. Players loved the cute pixie-like mob and decided to add them to the Minecraft 1.19 update. They are a special kind of mob as they can only be found in two structures in the game.

Structures in which Allays spawn in Minecraft 1.19

Illager structures


Allays only spawn in Illager structures like Woodland Mansion and Pillager Outposts in Minecraft 1.19. These structures are dangerous as they are filled with different kinds of Illager mobs like Evokers, Vindicators, Vexes, etc. If players want access to the Allay, they must be rescued from these deadly structures.

Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansion (Image via Mojang)
Woodland Mansion (Image via Mojang)

The Woodland Mansion is one of the most lethal structures to conquer. The huge mansion is not only filled with Evokers and Vindicators but is swarming with all kinds of other hostile mobs as well.

Players must be properly prepared with all the resources and weapons to fight through the structure in order to find Allays. The new mobs can be found in the cobblestone prison cell room that can generate anywhere in the structure.

This room will mostly be dark, which could result in other hostile mobs spawning inside the prison cells along with the new mob. Hence, gamers must be cautious before rescuing the new mob.

Pillager Outpost

Allays stuck in Pillager Outpost wooden cell (Image via Mojang)
Allays stuck in Pillager Outpost wooden cell (Image via Mojang)

The Pillager Outpost is the second structure where these new mobs will spawn in Minecraft 1.19. Outposts are comparatively easier structures to conquer since Pillagers are the only hostile mob that spawn here. They all have crossbows that take time to load, giving players time to act fast and defeat them.

Allays can be present in a wooden cell outside the main Outpost tower. Raiding Pillager Outposts is the easiest way to get these new mobs.

What purpose do Allays serve?

If players find these mobs in Minecraft 1.19, they should give the Allay an item. This changes the behavior of Allays, and they start following the player that gave them the item. While rescuing these mobs, players should have a useless item in their hotbar that they can hand over. This makes the rescue much more efficient and quick.

An Allay holding a grass block (Image via Mojang)
An Allay holding a grass block (Image via Mojang)

These mobs can help pick up items from the ground and give them back to the player or throw them near a recently-played note block. They can also easily clear out an area where items are littered. If used correctly, these mobs can completely change how items are collected and stored on farms.

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