7 best Minecraft villagers to have in 2022

Weaponsmiths have an eyepatch (Image via Mojang)
Weaponsmiths have an eyepatch (Image via Mojang)

Villagers are one of Minecraft's best parts and perhaps the most sought-after mob in the game. Players love to visit villages and see what villagers there are and what they have, as trading with them is a beneficial feature.

Many players set up their own villager farms to have endless trades, so it's vital to know which jobs are the best. Here are the ones that provide the best trades or are the most useful.

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The best jobs that Minecraft villagers can have

7) Cleric


Players who spend time battling mobs at night will undoubtedly come away with a lot of rotten flesh since zombies are the most common hostile mob. There are some uses for it, but the best one is to trade it with cleric villagers.

These villagers pick brewing stands as their job block and provide a few valuable items. At levels four and five, they can sell Minecraft gamers a Bottle O' Enchanting and Ender Pearls, two of the most valuable items to trade for.

6) Mason

Masons require stonecutters (Image via SuperKoalaJone1 on Twitter)
Masons require stonecutters (Image via SuperKoalaJone1 on Twitter)

Masons don't provide that many incredible items to set them apart. In fact, their trades are pretty average. However, one key thing makes them useful villagers.

Their main trade is emeralds for clay balls. They'll usually give one emerald for 10 clay balls, which means two and a half blocks of clay are worth one emerald. It isn't easy to find a better deal than that, and clay is easy to find in bulk as most bodies of water have tons of patches on them.

5) Farmer


Farmers are the most common villagers in Minecraft, but that's not bad. They routinely have good trades and are an excellent source of emeralds. Their base trade is always one of the four crops for emeralds, so players with a garden will always have the items they need.

Beetroot, potatoes, carrots, and wheat are easy to come by. At later levels, they'll even trade for melons and pumpkins, a couple more easy items to get.

4) Armorer


Armorers are rare, but they are some of the most helpful villagers in the game. At higher levels, they will offer one of each piece of diamond armor, two at level four and the other two at level five.

What's great about getting armor from a villager is that it saves diamonds, and they come enchanted. The enchantments are random and aren't always the best, but they can easily be disenchanted if that's the case.

3) Cartographer


Cartographers have a case for being the most important villager in Minecraft. Without them, finding the Ocean Monument or the Woodland Mansion would be difficult. The Woodland Mansion is especially helpful in beating the game since it's the only place one can get Totems of Undying.

They also trade for paper and glass panes, two common items.

2) Weaponsmith


In the same sense as armorers, weapon smiths are perhaps the most sought-after villagers. They provide diamond enchanted weapons such as swords and axes, which is perhaps the best trade one can hope for.

They also trade in coal and iron ingots, so it's very easy to rack up emeralds with them and get them to a high enough level for elite trades.

1) Librarian


Ultimately, the best villager in Minecraft is the librarian. While weaponsmiths, toolsmiths, and armorers provide enchanted items, these items often do not have the best enchantments. Librarians offer the chance to manually get the best and most desired books.

Mending villagers are one that most Minecraft gamers try to get, and that's why they're the best.

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