Which villager sells diamond gear in Minecraft?

Weaponsmiths can give diamond swords (Image via Mojang)
Weaponsmiths can give diamond swords (Image via Mojang)

Diamond items are probably the most important in Minecraft. Netherite represents an upgrade from the diamond level, but it cannot be achieved without getting diamond first. This makes it a little more important than Netherite.

Finding diamonds, while an incredible experience in the game, is pretty challenging. It's hard to come by and acquire in bulk without a Fortune enchanted Minecraft pickaxe.

There are other ways to obtain it, like through loot or other means. However, that still means that it needs to be put into whatever item players need, be that a sword, a helmet, or something else.


A great way to skip all of that is to simply trade for a diamond gear from a Minecraft villager. This article features villagers who can do that and how to get them to trade it.

Trading for diamond items from Minecraft villagers: A complete guide

Three villagers have the capability of giving players diamond items: toolsmiths, weaponsmiths, and armorers.


An armorer villager and a model (Image via JaceH555 on YouTube)
An armorer villager and a model (Image via JaceH555 on YouTube)

Armorers can trade each piece of armor: leggings, boots, chestplates, and helmets. They give two items at level four and the other two at level five. The items are random, so players might get chestplates and leggings first or not.

The items will come with random enchantments on them.

The trades are often expensive, ranging from 17 to over 30 emeralds for diamond items, but it's arguably a better method than manually finding the resources, crafting them, and enchanting them.


Weaponsmiths can trade diamond swords and axes.

A weaponsmith can't give a sword or an axe until levels four and five. The axe usually comes at level four and the sword the level after.

These items will also be randomly enchanted.


Toolsmiths can provide diamond hoes, axes, shovels, and pickaxes.

A toolsmith can give a diamond hoe at level three, but the rest of the items become available at four and five.


As with the others, these items, save for the diamond hoe, will be randomly enchanted.

How to trade up to the right levels

The trick is to get these villagers to the right levels. Coal is an item that all three can trade for, but it doesn't give them as much XP. An iron ingot is another item that all three trade for and gives a little more XP.

Diamonds can also be traded with all three at a one-to-one ratio, but it's probably not the best use of diamonds.

Armorers can trade for buckets of lava, which gives them quite a bit of XP. However, flint is an excellent item for weaponsmiths and toolsmiths alike.

The best Minecraft trades, in terms of XP, are often buying items from villagers. For example, buying a shield from a level three armorer will help increase their level faster.


The trades will eventually run out. They'll reset after the villagers sleep, and getting to level four or five with any villager will take a lot of time.

Doing raids and getting Hero of the Village will lower the price of trades. In this instance, Minecraft players will be able to do a lot more coal or iron ingot trades to increase their emerald count and the villagers' levels quickly.

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