Mojang will soon reveal candidates for Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

Three characters discussing the upcoming stream (Image via Minecraft on Twitter)
Three characters discussing the upcoming stream (Image via Minecraft on Twitter)

Mojang just revealed a new teaser for the upcoming Minecraft Live. In just under two weeks, crafters will be able to vote for their favorite mob to join the game and see the results announced live.

The teaser, while not revealing any names or images, does give potential insight to what the mobs might do. Either way, it's clear that Mojang is gearing up to officially announce the mobs in full capacity, with names, videos, and descriptions of all they can do.

Minecraft Live is coming on October 15 at noon EST. The Mob Vote, the fourth in the game's history, will begin 24 hours prior and players will have that long to decide on or even change their vote.

The latest teaser may confuse some crafters with obscure references, most likely to the function the potential mobs will serve. Since there's no other information currently available, Minecraft players will have to settle for this.

Minecraft teaser reveals potential information about mobs, complete details likely coming soon

The short teaser was posted to Twitter, with Tiny Vu, Tiny Agnes, and Tiny Jens discussing a mystery in the overworld.

Which mobs are trying to join Minecraft? 🤔Tiny Vu, Tiny Agnes, and Tiny Jens are on the case! Stay tuned...

It begins with:

"I have asked you here today because something mysterious is afoot in the overworld. All the chests in the underwater ruins are filled with eggs. Eggs! Someone spied on me in the mines! My hats keep moving around."

They go on to say that the mystery of what is happening, basically the three mobs' functions, are concerning given their proximity to the livestream:

"We need to solve this before Minecraft Live. I need my hats! Could this be the work of a few mobs trying to get our attention? I think you're on to something."

It finishes with Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes vowing to uncover the mystery (announce the new mobs) before the show on October 15. Since the vote begins 24 hours prior, it'll have to be revealed before that.

That gives about 11 days at the time of writing for Mojang to reveal the mobs. It's very likely that these will be done on different days to maximize exposure.

This means that between now and October 13, there will be just a week of days in which an announcement is unlikely. The official reveals are coming very soon and will likely be posted to Twitter, much like the teaser itself was.

Live coming October 15 (Image via Mojang)
Live coming October 15 (Image via Mojang)

When the vote does go live, it won't be on Twitter like it has been in the past. This year, Mojang is aiming to let more players vote.

They'll include a vote on the Minecraft Launcher for players who access the game that way. They'll also have an official poll posted to the website, so anyone can access it.

Finally, the third method will likely be very popular. A special server will be set up on Bedrock Edition for the sole purpose of housing the poll. Gamers can join in, cast their vote, and play minigames for the entire time before the livestream at noon the following day.

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