Minecraft Redditor creates gigantic castle using only dirt blocks

The stunning dirt house (Image via u/TheOriginalBubble on Reddit)
The stunning dirt house. (Image via u/TheOriginalBubble on Reddit)

Everything in Minecraft can be used to build. Mining and crafting are the two main aspects of the game, as evidenced by the game's name. But building is an easy third aspect that many gamers actually enjoy more than the other two. As such, every single block can be put into a build.

Certain blocks don't lend themselves to building, but that doesn't mean they can't be used. Sometimes players use unique blocks for certain parts of their build, like furnaces for the floor or observers for the wall.

One of the most abundant blocks in the game doesn't get used for builds very often, and when it does, it's almost always in a starter home.

However, one Minecraft Redditor set out to prove that dirt can be an excellent building block if used properly. Check it out below:

Minecraft gamer uses dirt alone to build incredible castle

Dirt is everywhere in Minecraft. It permeates the entire overworld. Even if players go deep underground, there can still be dirt mixed in with the stone, and of course, the closer one is to the surface, the more dirt will be present.

Over the course of a world, many gamers will accumulate quite a bit of dirt. This dirt usually collects dust in a chest and is almost never used. Every so often, players will use it to terraform or as a temporary ladder.

However, dirt can be very useful. It might not seem like the most beautiful building block to use, but it certainly can be. This Minecraft Redditor proves just that.

Dirt doesn't often look like this in builds. It's usually far more basic and doesn't pop with as much color. Most dirt houses look like this one below, rather than the stunning castle above.

A very simple dirt house (Image via Minecraft Forum)
A very simple dirt house (Image via Minecraft Forum)

The Redditor here uses stunning craftsmanship and uses the dirt to perfection. It is a sculpted, designed, and an utterly incredible castle. The details on it are unbelievable. Even if it was built with normal building blocks, this Minecraft castle would be a true work of art.

The fact that it's made entirely out of dirt is both mind-boggling and impressive. Dirt houses should not be that intricate, nor should they look as breathtaking. It's a true testament to the Redditor's building capabilities that they were able to do this so well.

The community seems to agree, giving it tons of positive attention. The comments section is filled with adoration.

One crafter was inspired to put their dirt to good use.

Using dirt might be a beneficial move for all would-be builders.

One wants to see the Redditor do this with an even more overlooked building block.

If there was ever a doubt about what blocks can be built with, there shouldn't be anymore.

Dirt houses are quickly shedding the reputation of being for beginners.

Many commenters are hoping the natural growth doesn't occur.

The community believes that dirt may be underrated.

The community as a whole loves this post. At the time of writing, it had been posted for 16 hours and received nearly two thousand upvotes.

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