Mutant Zombie vs Iron Golem in Minecraft: How different are the two mobs?

Mutant zombie Minecraft (Image via turbosquid)
Mutant zombie Minecraft (Image via turbosquid)
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Most Minecraft players have heard of iron golems, but every player might not have heard of mutant zombies. This is because mutant zombies aren't actually a part of vanilla Minecraft.

Mutant zombies are part of the Mutant Creatures Mod, a famous and popular mod used to enhance the mobs in Minecraft for more challenging gameplay. The mutant zombie is one of these creatures with a large, muscular, and distorted body.

Mutant zombies are boss mobs and much stronger than regular zombies, and this article will look into all of that in detail.

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Differences between Mutant Zombies and Iron Golems in Minecraft


Right away, players will notice that the mutant zombie is much taller than the iron golem. Mutant zombies are huge. They're over four blocks tall and look terrifying with their bulky body mass. Iron golems are taller than the player but only stand a little over three blocks tall.

Mutant zombie in-game appearance (Image via
Mutant zombie in-game appearance (Image via

Mutant zombies' heads resemble regular zombies. They are also of the same color. They have green skin, a light blue shirt, and dark blue pants. The mutant zombie has a likeness to the hulk in its size, actions, and character.

The creators of this mod may have noticed his resemblance to the hulk as well, which is when this mutant zombie is killed, it drops custom hulk armor.

Iron golem appearance (Image via kindpng)
Iron golem appearance (Image via kindpng)

Iron golems are white-grey in color, with vines running down their body. They are not mutant creatures and can spawn regularly in a Minecraft player's game.



Iron golems and mutant zombies have extreme behavioral differences.

The mutant zombie is incredibly hostile and will attack players on sight. The mutant zombie explodes like the wither when it spawns and charges towards players and spawns multiple regular zombies in its wake.

Iron golems act peacefully towards players until the player hits either one of them or one of the villagers. When an iron golem encounters a mutant zombie, they immediately take action and try to kill the mutant creature.



Iron golems and mutant zombies also have different health amounts. Mutant zombies are a boss mob and have 150 health points to draw from in battle. Iron golems only have 100 health points.



Iron golems and mutant zombies use their hands to attack mobs. The iron golem uses its arms to hit mobs and launch them into the air. The mutant zombie bangs on mobs from above and can create earthquakes and other zombies to aid it in battle.

In normal difficulty, a mutant zombie deals 16 attack damage points. An iron golem can deal out anywhere from 7.5 to 21.5 attack damage points.



Unlike iron golems, mutant zombies can respawn immediately after their death. They can respawn twice. The second time they respawn, it will be with 40 health points, and the third time will be with 50 health points.

The only way players can prevent this is if the mutant zombie dies while on fire. Iron golems have no such ability to automatically respawn and must be spawned in by the player or summoned by a group of panicking villagers.

In-game availability

Mutant zombie next to Steve (Image via
Mutant zombie next to Steve (Image via

Mutant zombies aren't a part of vanilla Minecraft at all. Players can't summon these creatures without having downloaded the Mutant Creatures mod. Players who don't know this may waste their time trying to summon the mutant zombie without any luck because they don't have this mod downloaded.

On the other hand, iron golems are a part of vanilla Minecraft and don't need any mod to run properly. This makes it a lot easier to get to know and use them in Minecraft. Low-end PCs also may not run the Mutant Creatures mod, which is why many players have never seen the mutant creature and maybe never will.

Similarities between Iron Golems and Mutant Zombies in Minecraft



One of the only similarities between mutant zombies and iron golems is the player's ability to summon each mob. For players to summon iron golems, they must place four iron blocks in the shape of a scarecrow and place a pumpkin on top of the structure.

To summon the mutant zombie, a player must type it in as a command in the text box or use a complex gold structure and command blocks to summon it. Players must keep in mind that they need to download the Mutant Creatures Mod to summon a mutant zombie. To download this mod, click here.

Who would win in a fight?


It's hard to say if an iron golem or mutant zombie will win in a fight. The fight could definitely go either way depending on what difficulty Minecraft is on and the external factors during the fight.

Players have attempted fights between an iron golem and mutant zombie in a few YouTube videos, and both sides have managed to win. With the player's help, an iron golem is certain to win, but on its own, an iron golem may succumb to the power of this mutant mob.

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