Rascal in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022: Everything you need to know

The Rascal gives Tiny Agnes and Tiny Jens an enchanted pickaxe (Image via Mojang)
The Rascal gives Tiny Agnes and Tiny Jens an enchanted pickaxe (Image via Mojang)

Mojang recently announced the second mob set to be a part of the 2022 Minecraft Mob Vote. It is called the Rascal.

The upcoming Mob Vote, which will be held on October 14, 2022, is a part of Minecraft Live. Both events now occur annually, assuring the community that new content will be making its way into the game on a regular basis.

The last mob to be added to Minecraft via the voting system was the Allay. The first candidate in this year's Mob Vote, the Sniffer, was revealed yesterday.

Minecraft's Rascal reveal video shows Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes venturing into the Overworld's cave system


Just like yesterday’s reveal of the Sniffer, the announcement for the Rascal was made via a short video on Minecraft’s Twitter account and YouTube channel.

The video sees Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes venturing into the dangerously massive cave system of the Overworld. It starts with the two characters exploring a mineshaft deep below the surface of the realm.

They stop at a particular point, and Tiny Jens asks Tiny Agnes if this is where she previously saw a new mob. As he says this, a small creature pops up from the far side of the mineshaft. Tiny Agnes points to it as it gets startled, turns around, and scuttles away.


Tiny Jens proceeds to explain that the mob they just saw is a Rascal. Tiny Agnes follows up with a question about the mob’s behavior, asking if it is hostile. In response, Tiny Jens says the mob is “just a little mischievous.”

This makes sense as the last few mobs added to the game with the mob voting system aren’t really hostile or dangerous. On the contrary, they’ve been quite helpful.

Tiny Jens also speaks about the nature of the Rascal. He says the mob lives underground, and its most recognizable trait is its obsession with Hide and Seek.

This indicates that the mob will try hide from the player if discovered. However, if players find it three times, it will reward them with an enchanted pickaxe.


While the video only shows the mob presenting the two travelers with an enchanted iron pickaxe, it is not yet known if it can reward players with anything else.

The blog on Mojang’s official website states that the Rascal will present players with a “special prize” that will help them in the process of mining. It also states that players will be able to find the mob anywhere below Y level 0. This indicates that players will be safe from the Warden when they try to find the creature.


The Rascal's appearance is quite unique and, in many ways, cute. It has pale, graying skin and holds something that works as a backpack.

The mob wears a greenish-blue outfit and a slightly darker garment above its legs. Its eyes seem cute and make it look like a character from an anime.

This year's Minecraft Mob Vote will start on October 14, 2022, and end on October 15, 2022.