Team Red Rabbits wins Minecraft Championship (MCC) Pride 2022

Team Red Rabbits emerged victorious in Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 (Image via kihorri/Twitter)
Team Red Rabbits emerged victorious in Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 (Image via kihorri/Twitter)
Hannah (Tyler) Dahlberg

On June 18, 2022, Team Red Rabbits (consisting of Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Foolish Gamers, and Karl Jacobs) stole the win in the final activity of Minecraft Championship Pride 2022, Dodgebolt.

๐Ÿ‘‘ Your MCC Pride winners are RED RABBITS ๐Ÿ‘‘@Dream @GeorgeNotFound @KarlJacobs_ @FoolishGamersAnyone for Mega-Bolt? ๐Ÿน

The Minecraft Championship, also known as 'MCC,' is a monthly, invite-only tournament that made its debut on November 17, 2019. Scott "Smajor", one of the event coordinators, is responsible for assembling each of the ten, four-player teams that participate in each MCC.

There are canon and non-canon events in MCC. Canon events are championships that don't follow a particular theme and tend to stick to a more consistent structure, whereas non-canon events tend to have different minigames.

Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 is the second non-canon event held to celebrate the Pride Month of June, with the first being MCC Pride 2021, which was held on June 26, 2021.

Team Red Rabbits claims victory in Minecraft Championship Pride 2022


Team Red Rabbits managed to come out on top in the final activity of the event, Dodgebolt. Although it was a close match, Red Rabbits just narrowly beat out the second-placing team, Aqua Axolotls.

Although Team Aqua Axolotls collected more coins overall, the team lost in the final match of the game and placed second despite their coin total being greater than that of Team Red Rabbits.

Here are the final team standings for MCC Pride 2022:

1st: Team Red Rabbits (22320)

  • Dream
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • Karl Jacobs
  • Foolish Gamers

2nd: Team Aqua Axolotls (22422)

  • Antfrost
  • GizzyGazza
  • RedVelvetCake
  • TapL

3rd: Team Orange Ocelots (19787)

  • Illumina
  • InTheLittleWood
  • Snifferish
  • ElainaExe

4th: Team Yellow Yaks (19055)

  • Smajor
  • Grian
  • Shubble
  • GeminiTay

5th: Team Cyan Coyotes (18466)

  • 5Up
  • Tubbo
  • Aimsey
  • vGumiho

6th: Team Lime Llamas (15963)

  • Krtzyy
  • Spifey
  • Ponk
  • Eret

7th: Team Pink Parrots (14668)

  • Ranboo
  • Jacksepticeye
  • Sapnap
  • Crankgameplays

8th: Team Purple Pandas (13398)

  • jojosolos
  • Nihachu
  • Captain Puffy
  • KaraCorvus

9th: Team Blue Bats (7224)

  • Vixella
  • KryticZeuZ
  • DrGluon
  • James Turner

10th: Team Green Geckos (6176)

  • TinaKitten
  • Sykkuno
  • Lazarbeam
  • Valkyrae

Illumina takes the individual crown in MCC Pride 2022


MCC also crowns an individual victor who goes above and beyond and gives the best performance throughout the event. To be crowned the individual winner, a player must collect the most coins out of all forty participants.

This achievement is no small feat, as all competitors fight fiercely to earn as many coins as they can for a shot at the crown. Kye "Illumina" took the individual crown at the end of MCC Pride 2022.

Here are the final individual standings for Minecraft Championship Pride 2022:

1st: Illumina (3595)

2nd: Antfrost (3348)

3rd: Dream (3274)

4th: TapL (2981)

5th: GeorgeNotFound (2911)

6th: Krtzyy (2875)

7th: Tubbo (2793)

8th: Sapnap (2719)

9th: Smajor (2635)

10th: Foolish Gamers (2549)

11th: InTheLittleWood (2525)

12th: GizzyGazza (2490)

13th: Grian (2467)

14th: RedVelvetCake (2455)

15th: 5Up (2376)

16th: Aimsey (2282)

17th: GeminiTay (2235)

18th: jojosolos (2218)

19th: Ranboo (2193)

20th: Karl Jacobs (2159)

21st: Ponk (2047)

22nd: vGumiho (1953)

23rd: Shubble (1875)

24th: Spifey (1830)

25th: Captain Puffy (1773)

26th: Snifferish (1740)

27th: Eret (1623)

28th: KaraCorvus (1618)

29th: ElainaExe (1558)

30th: Jacksepticeye (1499)

31st: KryticZeuZ (1301)

32nd: Nihachu (1283)

33rd: Crankgameplays (1269)

34th: Sykkuno (1000)

35th: Vixella (868)

36th: Lazarbeam (828)

37th: James Turner (814)

38th: Valkyrae (674)

39th: DrGluon (621)

40th: TinaKitten (526)

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