What is the use of Nether star in Minecraft

The Nether star (Image via Mojang)
The Nether star (Image via Mojang)

The Nether star is one of the most challenging items to obtain in Minecraft. Many players might never have had one because it's difficult and doesn't have a lot of uses. However, it is quality over quantity in this case. Here's what it does and how to obtain it.

What the Nether star does in Minecraft

Ironically, the Nether star's only use has nothing to do with the Nether. A Nether star is an integral ingredient in the crafting recipe for a beacon. Beacons are one of the most valuable items in the game, and they cannot be made without a Nether star.

The other items for the recipe are far less challenging to obtain. It requires five blocks of glass and three obsidian blocks.

The crafting grid should have the obsidian blocks on the bottom row, the Nether star in the middle and the surrounding spaces filled with glass. Beacons can then be entirely powered with a 9x9 square base pyramid of resource blocks.

Fully powered beacon (Image via Mojang)
Fully powered beacon (Image via Mojang)

As mentioned, the Nether star is one of the most challenging items to obtain in Minecraft. This is because the two steps to getting one are both complicated.

First, players have to brave the Nether in search of Wither skeletons. Their skulls, three of them, will spawn the Wither. Wither skeletons have a 2.5% chance of dropping their skull when killed. With Looting III, that number jumps to 8.5%.

If all that wasn't difficult enough, the Wither is considered by many to be the most difficult mob in the game. Many believe it is worse than the Ender Dragon.

why is the ender dragon so much easier than the wither when the ender dragon is more significant to the plot of minecraft this is a scam

The Wither has 300 hearts in Java Edition and a whopping 600 in Bedrock Edition. For comparison, the Ender Dragon has a mere 200 hearts (though it can regenerate).

The Wither will deal two and a half hearts per hit on Easy difficulty. On Normal, that goes to eight with the withering effect. It'll deal 12 hearts with the withering effect on Hard, making it an incredible challenge.

Defeating the Wither is a struggle for many Minecraft players, but a beacon is worth it. It's an achievement, but it's also a handy item to have and getting a Nether star is paramount for that.

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