Ranking every tipped arrow in Minecraft

Tipped arrows (Image via Superpower Wiki)
Tipped arrows (Image via Superpower Wiki)
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Arrows are some of the most useful items in Minecraft. Special variants, or tipped arrows, can be really helpful for players, especially during later stages of the game. They can be used to help or harm players and can be effective in stopping hostile mobs.

There are several different types that can be obtained via trade with a fletcher or by putting an arrow in a cauldron with a potion in it. Here's which ones are the best.

The best tipped arrows in Minecraft

There are two version exclusive potions not listed here:

  • Decay (Bedrock)
  • Slow Falling (Java)

14) Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance minecraft PS3

Normally, fire resistance would be a good thing to have. The potion is very useful, but shooting someone with an arrow to make them immune to fire damage would only be useful in a moment before falling into lava, perhaps in the Nether.

13) Harming

Am I ? eVIL (instant damage ll) @Minecraft

Harming arrows will deal instant damage, specifically three hearts of damage. It's really only useful to increase the damage dealt by a Minecraft arrow, so it's not that different than a regular arrow.

12) Night Vision


The Night Vision arrow can be useful in certain situations, but since the effect doesn't last very long, it isn't. Plus, when it might be needed, it will automatically be much more difficult to hit the target since it's dark.

11) Slowness


The slowness potion can be very useful against mobs. In PvP, it can also be used to create a small window of opportunity for players. Ultimately, since players probably still have projectile weapons, it's not as useful as it could be.

10) Turtle Master

Potion of the Turtle Master (Image via Jira Minecraft)
Potion of the Turtle Master (Image via Jira Minecraft)

This is one of the most interesting status effects in the game. It slows players or mobs by 60% but it also decreases their damage taken by 60%. It makes them slower but more durable, so it's useful for allies.

9) Poison


The poison effect can be dangerous for someone dealing with mobs. If a witch gives it to them or they're shot with this arrow, it can make a big difference and ultimately leave them dead.

8) Weakness

[::] Chickens with strength effect fly, weakness take fall damage. via /r/Minecraft…

This arrow is useful for mobs or players. When fighting someone or something else, making the opponent weak is always valuable. Whether that's in PvP or just a hostile mob, it's useful either way.

7) Invisibility

somehow this merchant got an invisibility effect on him lol #Minecraft #NintendoSwitch

Invisibility can be a useful effect, but it's genuinely one of the most fun. Unfortunately, since it doesn't last terribly long, the tipped arrow doesn't provide much use.

6) Leaping


Leaping higher (up to 1.5 blocks now) can be very useful for traveling, so this tipped arrow finds itself higher on the list. Drinking the potion would be easier, but if Minecraft players get them from a fletcher, they can use them effectively.

5) Healing

Is this good enough gear to fight the wither? (Arrows are tipped with Healing II)#Minecraft #NintendoSwitch

This tipped arrow will restore five hearts of health, which can be the difference between life and death. Minecraft players in trouble can be shot with this arrow and completely turn the game around.

4) Swiftness

Me when I drink a swiftness potion in Minecraft.

Being able to move faster is one of the most valuable effects in the game. Being able to shoot someone with an arrow to do so just makes it easier. Swiftness applies to nearly all movement speeds.

3) Water Breathing


It's difficult but not impossible to fire arrows underwater, so hitting a drowning player with this tipped arrow could literally save their life. Water breathing is a very valuable effect, so Minecraft players should trade for these arrows if possible.

2) Regeneration


The regeneration effect is one of the best out there in Minecraft. The ability to quickly get back to normal health levels cannot be understated, and neither can these arrows that are so valuable.

1) Strength


Increased attack damage is arguably the best thing a Minecraft player can get. If they're overwhelmed by mobs, the added damage can make it so they're able to overcome that.

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