Redditor creates Plants vs. Zombies in Minecraft, sparks debate over sunflower features

Plants vs Zombies is a famous game which is recreated by a Minecraft Redditor through mods (Image via Sportskeeda)
Plants vs. Zombies is a famous game which is recreated by a Minecraft Redditor through mods (Image via Sportskeeda)

In Minecraft, players can create almost anything using a plethora of mods. Plants vs. Zombies is a brilliant strategy game where players control different plant variants to stop hordes of zombies. The gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies has been recreated in the sandbox title by Redditor u/-_silver_water_.

The Redditor posted a video on the r/Minecraft subreddit showcasing different custom plant mobs added to Minecraft that attack zombies by throwing projectiles.

The entire battlefield is located in the backyard of a house, similar to the original strategy game. Although the different plants don't look anything like the cartoonish 2D characters from Plants vs. Zombies, they function similarly and have blocky, pixelated designs.

Redditors react to the Plants vs. Zombies in Minecraft

Members of the official Minecraft subreddit loved the Plants vs. Zombies mod that the original poster showcased. Even though the zombies were completely passive towards the plants, the overall execution and texture of the new characters were fascinating to observe. The post received over eight thousand upvotes and hundreds of comments within a day.

Since the title of the post asked the community what sunflowers should do in the mod, most of the comments were suggestions and ideas. Redditors brainstormed the various possibilities and considered how sunflowers could help players defeat the zombie horde.

Some wanted the plant to spit out items that would help players buy more plants and reinforcements. This feature is exactly how the plant operates in the original strategy game, so it would fit well in this mod.

Apart from uses for the sunflower, people also chipped in with unique ideas to implement features from the sandbox game in the mod. They mentioned that sunflowers could drop XP orbs, spawn eggs, and even potions of health that could heal the other plants around them.

One Redditor said that they would be overjoyed if the sunflowers could also fight the zombies and were not just limited to helping the other plants grow.

The rest of the comments appreciated the original poster and the mod that added the Plants vs. Zombies game to Minecraft. This is only possible because of how easily modifiable the sandbox title is. Even though this is not the first mod to add the strategy game to Minecraft, many players would not have known about it if not for this post.

Overall, the post garnered a lot of positive attention, with members of the official Minecraft Reddit page engaged in a productive discussion regarding it. The original poster also received a lot of suggestions and ideas about what sunflowers should do in the mod.

Unfortunately, there was no link or website mentioned from where the mod could be downloaded. However, since the original poster was asking for suggestions about features, it is safe to say that it is likely still under development.

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