Redditor turns Minecraft scenery into realistic artwork

Minecraft can often be beautiful (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft can often be beautiful (Image via Mojang)

Despite never having prioritized graphics, Minecraft can often be a beautiful game. Watching the sunset over the horizon with a stunning forest up front can be a sanative experience for players. To everyone's surprise, such sights can be found in Minecraft.

Some biomes, like flower forests or badlands, lend themselves well to the game's beauty. Shaders and mods can help with this too. In that regard, OptiFine is an excellent aesthetic mod, while BSL and Sildurs Shaders are two packs that can also transform the game's overall beauty.

BSL Shaders are instrumental in improving the game's aesthetic (Image via Shaders)
BSL Shaders are instrumental in improving the game's aesthetic (Image via Shaders)

With that being said, one Minecraft Redditor stumbled upon a magnificent scene during their in-game travels and decided to turn it into art.

Minecraft player finds stunning scenery, turns it into genuine art

World generation can often produce some unique sights in Minecraft. For example, a Pillager Outpost in a ravine that goes all the way down to the bottom, or a Woodland Mansion on a cliffside.

A Redditor found a similar scene. During their travels, they discovered a badland area forming a perfect crescent with the Sun just over the hills. Furthermore, trees and grass were generated perfectly upon a body of water, lending it a touch of reality.

In the background, there were some floating mountains and a cavern in one of them that made for an absolutely beautiful shot.

Many gamers would take a screenshot and save the image for posterity. However, the Redditor took it a step further and used the screenshot to produce a literal work of art.

They added color, shaded everything in and transformed an absolutely beautiful Minecraft scene into a mindblowing work of art. They used a device as opposed to a piece of paper and drawing tools, which can often be even more difficult.

The result was staggeringly good. If one didn't know the source material was Minecraft, they'd likely applaud the artist for being so adept at creating natural scenes.

The fact that it is from the game just makes it even more impressive. To no one's surprise, the community is completely in love with the Redditor's work. Amazed by the amount of effort put into this masterpiece, many have showered the post with compliments and suggestions.

Alluding to other media sources, some were quick to make lofty comparisons.

Many were simply mesmerized by the transition.

Besotted with its scenic beauty, many want to visit this location themselves.

Some couldn't help but express their gratitude for the Redditor's work.

Compliments aside, a few were looking to emulate the Redditor's accomplishments.

The post also served as an inspiration to many.

One commenter really wants to save the image of the scene.

The community was enthralled with the artwork, giving it over nine thousand upvotes in just 13 hours at the time of writing.

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