Resource pack vs behavior packs for Minecraft: How different are they?

Resource pack (Image via Microsoft Docs)
Resource pack (Image via Microsoft Docs)

Over the years, Minecraft has been introduced to several changes and additions that have completely changed the game. Many of these didn't even come with the vanilla version of the game. The updates to it have been substantial, but the add-ons have changed the game even more than that.

Add-ons are the most popular with Java Edition. These gamers have access to mods, shaders and more that aren't available for Bedrock, which is why Java Edition is so much more customizable.

Minecraft Zombie Witch Behavior Pack

However, Bedrock Edition does have access to some add-ons, including behavior and resource packs. For those that aren't familiar, here's what they are and what the difference is between the two.

Difference between behavior and resource packs in Minecraft

For Bedrock Edition, add-ons are split into two categories: Behavior packs and resource packs. One might think they're similar, but they affect totally different aspects of the game.

The Bedrock Wiki says this:

"The Resource Pack, also known as the client, or RP, is responsible for the visuals and sounds in your addon... The Behavior Pack, also known as the server, or BP, is responsible for the logic of your addon."

Resource packs change the following about the game:

  • Textures
  • Sounds
  • Geometry
  • Animations
  • Particles
Resource packs (Image via Mojang)
Resource packs (Image via Mojang)

On the other hand, behavior packs change this:

  • How an entity acts
  • Crafting recipes
  • Loot tables
  • Custom functions

In short, resource packs change how the game might look or sound (most often how it looks), but behavior packs change how the game functions. Behavior packs are the closest thing Bedrock Edition has to mods.

Minecraft 1.6.0 Resource Pack and Behavior Pack templates are now available!

However, in most cases, a behavior pack and resource pack will work hand in hand. Sometimes a behavior pack may cause a certain mob to act differently.

That may mean making a spider behave like something else entirely. It would then be helpful to have a resource pack enabled that changes what a spider looks like. This can be true for almost anything, so the two packs, while very different, often go hand in hand.

These can often be found in the Marketplace on Minecraft since Bedrock doesn't allow for outside downloads. This is mainly because the console doesn't work that way. A computer can download links and files for Java Edition, but an Xbox or other can't.

Still, the two do allow Bedrock to at least have some customization options so it isn't too far from Minecraft Java Edition.

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