Sniffer in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022: Everything you need to know

The Sniffer is revealed (Image via Mojang)
The Sniffer is revealed (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft's team just revealed the name of the first mob that will be a part of the game's upcoming Mob Vote. The mob is called the Sniffer. According to Mojang, it is an “ancient” creature that used to be a part of the Overworld’s ecosystem many years ago.

Mojang hosts Minecraft Live every year, and the event always features a mob vote. Players from all over the world are introduced to three newly designed mobs that could potentially be a part of the game. The community must vote and choose one of them to be included in the game.


Mob Vote 2022: Minecraft players get their first look at the Sniffer


The Sniffer was revealed to the community on the official Minecraft YouTube channel in the form of a short video.

The video starts with a curious title screen that reads:

"The Secret Eggs"

Players are then taken to a two-dimensional Minecraft world in which two animated models named Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes are seen speaking to each other.

The two models are based on Jens "Jeb" Bergensten (Lead Creative Designer for Minecraft) and Agnes Larsson (Vanilla Game Director for Minecraft), respectively.


Tiny Jens approaches Tiny Agnes and asks her if she’s been teaching the game’s chickens how to lay their eggs underwater.

Tiny Agnes replies, “Not yet,” prompting Tiny Jens to describe the eggs. He sets the egg down on the ground and calls it ancient. This gives players their first proper view of the egg. It is quite large in size, and its design is somewhat similar to copper ore in the current build of the game.

It is at this point that Tiny Agnes reveals the true nature of the egg; that it is the egg of a Sniffer, a mob she thought had gone extinct. As the two mull over the large egg, it suddenly starts to move and proceeds to hatch before their very eyes.

A small Sniffer comes out of it. The body of the mob is brown with a yellow-colored mouth. It also has some sort of plant on its back. As expected, it immediately starts sniffing.


As Tiny Jens expresses confusion about the mob, Tiny Agnes explains that the Sniffer is not a bird but an ancient mob that has a particular affinity for plants. She further states that the mobs have the ability to sniff out seeds from within the ground. As she’s speaking, the newly hatched Sniffer lays another egg as an older Sniffer approaches it.

Tiny Jens states that if the mobs keep laying enough eggs, they’ll be able to repopulate the Overworld in no time. Tiny Agnes chimes in and speaks about the possibility of some new planets that might come to the game with the Sniffer mob. However, both characters remind the community that they have to vote for the mob before it can be added to the game.


An interesting fact about the reveal of the Sniffer mob is that it confirms some leaks that were posted to websites like Twitter and Reddit around four days ago. The leaks revealed the potential names of all three mobs, with the Sniffer being the first.

Players will have to wait and see if the next two mobs will also match the leaks.