Mojang reveals Sniffer, the first candidate for Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

Sniffer eggs discovered underwater (Image via Minecraft on YouTube)
Sniffer eggs discovered underwater (Image via Minecraft on YouTube)

To give Minecraft players as much time as possible to consider the options for the upcoming Mob Vote, Mojang began rolling out the choices today. They just announced the first candidate for the Minecraft Live Mob Vote: The Sniffer.

There are still two more options yet to be revealed, but the Sniffer looks like a strong candidate for the community to vote for. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Minecraft Live: Sniffer revealed as first potential Mob Vote winner

Yesterday, Mojang reminded Minecraft players of the upcoming livestream on October 15. They did so in a short teaser, asking the characters involved to solve the mysteries of the mobs prior to that stream. They gave a short teaser about the function of each possible mob, but that's it.

They have shared the first official teaser for Sniffer, but it can be expected that more information, videos, and teasers will be rolled out for the new mob in the coming days. They will want the community to be as educated on the potential mob as possible.


In the video, Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes are investigating the mysterious occurrences from yesterday's teaser. They begin by looking into the eggs that had shown up in ocean ruins:

"These are Sniffer eggs. I thought they were extinct. Oh, they aren't birds at all. The Sniffer is an ancient mob. They loved plants and found seeds by sniffing the ground in the most adorable way."

With all of the eggs, these characters believe they can repopulate the overworld with Sniffers. That is, of course, contingent on the new mob winning the vote on October 14.

They also mentioned the potential for new plants, likely new seeds for the Sniffer to find. Since there are currently only six different kinds of seeds in Minecraft, it won't have much to do.

It appears that the mob is going to be in the same vein as the Allay, the winner of the last Mob Vote. It was one of the first purely helpful mobs to be added to the game.

Allay from last year's vote (Image via Mojang)
Allay from last year's vote (Image via Mojang)

It doesn't attack or get tamed; rather, it searches for items that players need. In this case, it looks like the Sniffer will find seeds for crafters to plant. It may very well function in the exact same way in that it won't be tamed and will be obedient to any player that gives it a seed.

Voting this year will be different. Instead of a Twitter poll, crafters can vote via the Minecraft Launcher, a special Bedrock server or the official website. The vote will be open for 24 hours leading into the livestream on October 15 at noon EST.

Stay tuned to the official Minecraft channels to see when the other mobs are announced and for any additional information regarding the Sniffer.

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