Technoblade Minecraft merch: How and where to buy, item list, and more

Technoblade announces new merch (Image via Technoblade)
Technoblade announces new merch (Image via Technoblade)

In the last few years, both Twitch and YouTube have experienced a sudden surge in Minecraft viewership. The emergence of a new generation of streamers made this Minecraft boom possible.

Many young Minecraft streamers gained their success pretty quickly, but a few had to grind for years to get to their deserved place. It took Technoblade many years of content creation to become popular in the community.

Unlike other Minecraft streamers, Technoblade never focused on selling his merchandise. But that phase is now over. Fans can rejoice as Technoblade has now officially announced his merch.

Technoblade Minecraft merchandise: All you need to know

Fans have been waiting for Technloblade merch for a long time. The wait is finally over as Technoblade officially revealed his merch on his Twitter account. Technoblade tweeted:

How and where to buy official Technoblade merch?

Technoblade merch (Image via Technoblade)
Technoblade merch (Image via Technoblade)

Technoblade shared a link to his official merch store. Interested fans can visit to buy Technoblade merchandise. Buying merchandise is among the best ways to support content creators.

Along with supporting content creators, fans also get to wear merchandise featuring their favorite streamers. Technoblade has launched a wide variety of pullover hoodies and tees. Check out the list of items and their prices available at Technoblade's merch store right now.

Items list and prices

Buy Techno merch (Image via Technoblade)
Buy Techno merch (Image via Technoblade)

Technoblade has released hoodies and tees in different colors and unique designs. As of right now, Technoblade's official merch store has two pullover hoodies, two long-sleeve tees, and five regular tees. Here are the prices:

  • Agro tee (Black): $27
  • Agro tee (Red): $27
  • Sword tee (Black): $27
  • Techno Woodmark tee (Red): $27
  • Techno Wordmark Tie dye tee (Yellow Spiral Dye): $30
  • Agro Long Sleeve Tee (Red): $32
  • Agro Long Sleeve Tee (Black): $32
  • Agro Pullover Hoodie (Red): $58
  • Agro Pullover Hoodie (Black): $58

Agro designs have an angry yet adorable pig art with Technoblade written over it. The name is inspired by zombie piglins found in Minecraft. Woodmark tee features a Technoblade logo with a sword like the one in the sword tee.


The merch reveal caught many fans by surprise. Technoblade fans rushed to buy his merchandise. Minecraft streamers like CaptainPuffy and TapL also purchased Technoblade's newly launched merch.

@Technothepig Time to fund your plan for world domination ๐Ÿ‘
@Technothepig I got mine yesterday don't worry, it all fr looks so good i'm so excited to put it on and never take it off :'))
@Technothepig I'm literally broke, this is the worst
@Technothepig i think you should rebrand your YT like this one!
@Technothepig Got it yesterday techno the beloved, anything for u

Fans can expect to see more new designs and colors in the future. Fans interested in buying Technoblade's merch should hurry as they may soon run out of stock.

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