Top 5 basic tips for fishing in Minecraft

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, fishing is a great way to collect food, XP, and rare random items.

Fishing is a simple task that any Minecraft player can accomplish. There are so many items to be collected via fishing. Players will sometimes fish up less useful items such as lily pads and leather, but in some cases, fishing can bring about treasure like enchanted books. Fishing is also one of the few ways to obtain name tags and saddles which cannot otherwise be crafted.

It’s clear that fishing in Minecraft has lots of value, so this article will provide Minecraft beginners with some basic tips for fishing.

Top 5 things to keep in mind while fishing in Minecraft

5) Stock up on rods

It is a good idea to craft multiple fishing rods as they tend to break fairly fast if used frequently. Luckily the fishing rod crafting recipe is simple. all it takes is three sticks and two strings.

Two used fishing rods can be combined together to make a single, stronger one. To do this, players just need to place the two rods next to each other either in their crafting inventory space or on a crafting table.

4) Enchant

One way to enhance the overall Minecraft fishing experience is to put enchantments on the fishing rod(s). Fishing rods can be enchanted with luck of the sea, lure, unbreaking, mending.

Unbreaking and mending will solve the issue of fishing rods consistently breaking, making them stronger and less likely to break, if at all. Luck of the sea is ideal to have on a fishing rod, as it boosts the chances of fishing up rare items. Lure helps speed up the process of fishing, making items come to the fishing rod more frequently.

3) Pay attention

While fishing can be a mundane aspect of gameplay in Minecraft, players should in no way be idle in doing so. Otherwise, they might miss their chance to fish up an item.

Items are collected via fishing when fishing rods are retracted as soon as the bobber bounces in the water. The bounce means that something has hooked onto the rod, but beware: it will not stay for long. There is a short window of time for players to retract the rod when the bobber bounces, so being attentive is key.

One way to ensure that the rod is retracted in time is to watch for a stream of bubbles that will approach the bobber. This is a signal that something is about to latch onto the rod, and the bobber will bounce shortly after the bubbles appear. With some practice, Minecraft players will be able to time their fishing retraction exactly right with ease.

2) Use an optimal location

A neat aspect of fishing in Minecraft is the ability to fish in any body of water, even those that are player-created. However, fishing while underground reduces the speed at which items will latch onto the fishing rod, so it is not always advisable to do so.

To make fishing in Minecraft quicker and easier, players should fish outside. What’s more, rain increases fishing speed. The naturally occurring weather can act similarly to the lure enchant. If possible, players should fish outside during the rain for an optimal fishing experience.

1) Don’t give up

Fishing in Minecraft can take a significant amount of time, especially if players are looking for rare items: they are rare for a reason, after all. Although time consuming, there are benefits that make the wait worth it.

While on a fishing mission for treasure, players will fish up plenty of other items that may come into use later on. Plus, with every item collected via fishing rod, players will gain XP. Fishing is one of the most efficient ways to level up quickly in Minecraft.

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