Top 5 beautiful Minecraft house ideas

A simple yet beautiful house (Image via Pinterest)
A simple yet beautiful house (Image via Pinterest)

In Minecraft, the building possibilities are nearly endless. Gamers can build just about anything they set their mind to, but one thing almost every Minecraft player has built at some point is a house.

There are so many ways to build a house in Minecraft - some simple, some complicated, some big, some small. Some professional Minecraft builders have come up with really beautiful designs that are worth trying out.

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Beautiful house ideas for Minecraft builders

5) Rustic house


A rustic house is great for Minecraft players who like farm living. Rustic houses look best surrounded by as much nature as possible, perhaps taking on a "cabin in the woods" type of visual.

These kinds of houses are normally made of wood and have a cozy feel to them. While wood may seem like a basic kind of block to build a house with, builders can really lean into the cottage core aesthetic by adding intricate details throughout their design.

4) Modern house


Recently, many Minecraft players have opted to go for a much more modern design in their home builds. It is quite simple to recreate 21st century architecture in Minecraft given how box-like these houses are in real life.

A modern Minecraft house will look sleek and clean, and definitely stand out on a Minecraft server. These builds often involve lots of glass and concrete blocks.

3) Mansion


In Minecraft, mansions can look like anything. However, one major aspect about them that remains the same, is that they are big and grand. Any player who wants to feel like they’ve really claimed their land in a Minecraft world will surely want to build a huge mansion.

A mansion built by a player can have lots of exterior layers and depth to add to its grandeur, unlike the naturally generated in-game woodland mansion which is very box-like. Other details such as lawn fountains and long driveways can be added as well to contribute to the realism of the design.

2) Japanese inspired house


One of the prettiest Minecraft house designs is the Japanese inspired house. This design is clearly quite beautiful and draws inspiration from the typical ancient Japanese structure.

These builds often incorporate striking combinations of color and provide great depth through the use of various textured and interestingly placed blocks. Japanese aesthetics are quite particular and incredibly different from that of a western world home design that many gamers typically go for in their builds. This design is great for Minecraft players who are looking for something both beautiful and unique.

1) Castle


In Minecraft, a castle is one of the most impressive builds a person can create. Castles are always incredibly regal looking and will surely make a bold visual statement on a Minecraft server.

Castles often lean into a vintage aesthetic. They could be Victorian style, medieval style, or anything a player desires. Regardless of the exact route taken in terms of design, castles are always highly stylistic and large.

Towers are a staple of castles, and gamers can incorporate balconies, chambers, and hidden rooms in their build to make it more realistic.

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