5 best Minecraft castle ideas for beginners

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
Heather Bair

Starting out in Minecraft can make it difficult to build a castle straight off the bat. With the resources Minecraft offers, there are plenty of ways to build a Minecraft castle without all the fancy blocks needed.

Castles can be built out of anything, but building out of something other than stone may take a while to find resources. Wood and stone are great for building starter castles in Minecraft.

Building Minecraft castles in the beginning

1) Small castles

These Minecraft castles are usually two to three stories high and about 20-30 blocks wide. They are smaller than typical castles and are great when resources such as iron and gold are unavailable. They also work on any land, whether it is clear and grassy or covered with trees and snow.

2) Village castle

In Minecraft, villages are scattered throughout the Overworld just waiting for new players to stumble across them. Villagers will eagerly trade with players, but what happens when players leave the village and possibly lose it?

The best answer is to build a castle in or around the village. Village castles give Minecraft players the chance to stay around the village with the possibility to trade resources for higher ones, which can upgrade the castle.

3) Mountain castle

Mountain castles in Minecraft already has a starter base for players looking to mine their resources automatically. Start by carving out a hole into the mountain, which will be used for mining, and build around that. Afterwards, begin building the castle up from that base and the stone received from mining out the mountain. This can help Minecraft players get resources quickly to upgrade the castle.

4) Winter castle

Winter Castle in Minecraft can look forboding, much like the castles in movies and TV shows, but it can also look inviting and warm from the outside cold. Winter castles are typically built in Minecraft's snowy biomes, and the mountains and snow surrounding them can be used for players' advantage.

Minecraft has plenty of snowy biomes to choose from, and snow itself can aid in hiding or protecting the castle.

5) Treehouse castle

One of the more fun castles to build in Minecraft, this one is great for players who spawn in forest or areas filled with trees. They are just like the name implies: a tree house in the form of a castle. The castle can be built within the trees or directly on top. Not many materials are needed, except wood and stone. The higher up the castle, the more the players can see throughout their land.

Castles are great ways to claim land in Minecraft and have a protected surrounding area to keep mobs and enemies away from homebases.

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