Top 5 best GeorgeNotFound Minecraft challenge videos

"Minecraft, but..." (Image via GeorgeNotFound on YouTube)
"Minecraft, but..." (Image via GeorgeNotFound on YouTube)

George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson is renowned for recording some of the most unique, and engaging, Minecraft challenges to date. More often than not, these challenge videos feature some of George's close friends and fellow creators, Clay "Dream," and Nick "Sapnap."

These challenges make up the majority of his channel's content. Their difficulty is often staggered, with no two challenges ending quite the same. These challenges can range from being easy in concept; for example, "Minecraft, But The Ender Dragon Is Our Pet." They can also be quite perplexing and difficult to complete; for example, "Minecraft, But Everywhere We Look Turns To Bedrock."

It's the array of seemingly easy and blatantly difficult challenges that keeps viewers coming back to see their favorite Minecraft creators succeed.

The Most Popular Minecraft Challenge Videos on GeorgeNotFound's Channel

#5: Minecraft, But The Chunks Are Deleted Every Time...


What would happen if once the player loaded a new chunk in Minecraft, it would begin deleting itself shortly after? George seeks out this answer, and whether or not it's possible to beat the game after it's been modified to delete chunks after they've been loaded.

Alongside Dream; they'll have to work closely, and quickly, if they want to farm the resources they need to beat the Ender Dragon before the world begins to delete itself around them.

#4: Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Parrot...


"Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Parrot," was the second installment to the series of challenge videos, where George turns Dream into various peaceful Minecraft mobs; and must beat the game without his disguised friend biting the dust.

Dream cannot heal himself or do anything to help George other than scout and defeat other mobs. It's a challenge that relies heavily on the constant team-work between the two, but will George be able to protect his dearest feathered friend until the end?

#3: Minecraft, But The Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied


Oh, to destroy a single block of wood and receive five stacks of coal blocks in return. George, Dream, and Sapnap must beat the game despite every mob drop, and breakable block, dropping an item completely different from the one they're supposed to.

For example; in their challenge, when wooden slabs are broken, instead of dropping a single wooden slab, they would drop a random amount of netherrack.

Items are randomized in the categories of what they are, and how much of the given item drops. The amounts could be doubled, tripled, or even more.

It's a frenzy of fruitful items, but an even bigger frenzy for the three to find out which blocks will drop diamonds.

#2: Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose...


Similar to other, "if you laugh, you lose," challenges, George must beat the entirety of Minecraft without laughter. He has three lives to lose, and his friends, Dream, Sapnap, and Karl Jacobs are stopping at nothing to get him to laugh three times before he beats the game.

George has since done a sequel to this original challenge video, but nothing quite beats the nostalgia of this first challenge.

#1: Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog


"Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog," was the first installment to this mini-series of challenges. The concept, rules, and mechanics remain the same from the parrot sequel; aside from George being able to make Dream "sit," as players would be able to with normal Minecraft dogs.

George's abilities to beat the game whilst not letting his dog bite the dust even once are tested. This challenge includes no shortage of chaotic moments and laughter from either creator featured in the video.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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