Top 5 best Minecraft Java parkour maps in May 2021

Image via Hielke
Image via Hielke
Modified 04 May 2021
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Minecraft players love to do parkour on various blocks and items. Many parkour maps are fun to play on and require remarkable talent and speed.

In Minecraft, some items are not complete blocks. Using their lack of height and area, creative players have created some great parkour maps. In these maps, players have to run and jump at the right time and on the right block to keep moving forward.

Many streamers enjoy speed running parkour maps to beat their previous score. Players can also try speedrunning and improving their parkour skills in these maps.

Top 5 best Minecraft Java parkour maps

#5 - Sprint Lava Parkour


Heard about the "floor is lava" trend? On this map, players have to parkour their way through an area filled with obstacles and lava. Players have to face many different challenges and obstacles. The goal is to obtain 10 hidden diamonds and reach the end.

Download Sprint Lava Parkour here.

#4 - This is the Only Level

Image via Jaxot
Image via Jaxot

This parkour map is based on the original game "This is the Only Level" developed by Armor Games. It has only one level, but players shouldn't get fooled by that. This level has 21 stages that are filled with complex challenges and puzzles. Players have to use their wit and experience to complete this parkour map.

Download This is the Only Level here.

#3 - Parkour Pyramid

Image via Hielke
Image via Hielke

As players can guess from its name, this parkour map is in the shape of a pyramid. In this pyramid, players will find various rooms connected. Many rooms are based on different Minecraft biomes such as jungles, deserts, and more. The goal is to reach the top of the pyramid.

Download Parkour Pyramid here.

#2 - Parkour Stripes

Image via Tomycreeper
Image via Tomycreeper

Parkour Stripes is a challenging parkour map created by Tomycreeper. This map is divided into six stripes. Each stripe has a different Minecraft theme like the end realm, nether realm, desert, etc.

Players can showcase their jumping skills on this map as many challenges require a perfectly timed jump.

Download Parkour Stripes here.

#1 - Parkour Spiral v2.1

Image via Hielke
Image via Hielke

Parkour Spiral is one of the most famous parkour maps. On this Minecraft map, there is a huge spiral tower filled with challenges for skilled parkour experts. Players can return to checkpoints whenever they die.

Download Parkour Spiral here.

Published 04 May 2021
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