Top 5 best Minecraft tools for beginners 

Image via Cubey on YouTube
Image via Cubey on YouTube
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Tools are a staple and essential aspect of Minecraft.

Without tools, Minecraft simply cannot be played in survival mode. They are used to break blocks, obtain items and often lead players toward advancements and achievements. Two of the same tool can even be combined in order to be fully repaired, if not enchanted.

Tools are always necessary for many reasons while playing Minecraft, but some are far more useful than others. Here are the top five best tools for Minecraft players to use.

Best tools to use in Minecraft

#5 - Shears

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Shears have multiple specific uses in Minecraft. Wool is best obtained by shearing sheep instead of killing them. Shearing them yields more wool blocks.

This tool can also be used to collect other items that players might want to use in builds or for decoration, such as leaves, tall grass and dead bushes.

Shears can be crafted easily using just two iron ingots.

#4 - Shovels

Image via Mc-Mod
Image via Mc-Mod

Shovels can really come in handy for dealing with specific circumstances. This tool is the best one to use when mining dirt, sand and gravel blocks. Using a shovel will save some time while mining in biomes or areas where dirt and sand are plenty.

Shovels can also create pathways on grass blocks, which can add dimension and a great look to an area of Minecraft's world.

These tools require two sticks and one other ingredient, which can be a wood plank, cobblestone, iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond or netherite.

#3 - Flint and steel

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

The flint and steel is a great tool to use in Minecraft. There are many uses for this dynamic item.

The flint and steel lights blocks on fire. This can be useful when fighting against mobs, as players can cause the creatures to burn to death by setting fire to the blocks underneath them. Also, lighting animals like cows or pigs on fire will result in them dropping cooked meat upon death, eliminating the need for cooking in a furnace.

Perhaps the best use of a flint and steel is to light a Nether portal, which is an essential part of beating Minecraft in survival mode.

A flint and steel can be crafted using one iron ingot and one flint.

#2 - Pickaxes

Image via TESL-EJ
Image via TESL-EJ

The Minecraft pickaxe is the most classic and iconic tool in the game. Pickaxes are always necessary, no matter how far along in the Minecraft world a player is. They are one of the first tools every player should craft at the start of a new survival world, and they will continually be needed as the game progresses.

Many blocks require specific pickaxes in order to be mined. Diamonds, for example, cannot be mined with anything less than an iron pickaxe. Ancient debris cannot be mined with anything less than a diamond pickaxe. This game rule encourages players to upgrade their pickaxe as the game goes on.

Plus, pickaxes have some of the most useful enchantments available compared to other Minecraft tools.

#1 - Axes

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

The axe is arguably the best tool in Minecraft due to its range of uses.

While other tools can be used in combat, the axe is one of the only tools that is incredibly effective in PvP or player vs mob battles. Axes are technically even stronger than swords.

The Minecraft axe is both a weapon and a useful tool. Axes are the quickest at mining wood blocks of all kinds. Therefore, without an axe, it can be annoyingly time consuming to collect an abundance of wood.


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