Top 5 most challenging mods for Minecraft

Challenging mods (Image via CurseForge/Minecraft)
Challenging mods (Image via CurseForge/Minecraft)
Manish Kumar Choudhary

After playing Minecraft for a long time, players may get bored of facing the same monsters every day. With their powerful enchanted armor and weapons, they are safe from all kinds of dangers.

Thanks to Minecraft's amazing modding community, players can spice up their vanilla gameplay using mods and make it more difficult than ever. This article showcases some of the most challenging mods available for Minecraft.

Players who are bored of experiencing the same gameplay should definitely give these mods a try. Most of these mods run well with other mods, so players don't have to worry about incompatibility.

Challenging mods for Minecraft

5) Ice and Fire: Dragons


In vanilla Minecraft, players can only fight one dragon: the Ender dragon. With Ice and Fire: Dragons mod, players can get custom dragons in Minecraft. It adds three types of dragons: fire, ice and lightning. Along with dragons, this mod also features many mythological creatures like hippogryphs and sea serpents, which will threaten players.

Ice and Fire: Dragons also let players tame dragons. Using tamed dragons, players can get some custom resources and make powerful armors in Minecraft.

Download Ice and Fire: Dragons from here.

4) Weather, Storms & Tornadoes


The weather in Vanilla Minecraft is just way too peaceful. Even during thunderstorms, players' lives are rarely in danger. With Weather, Storms & Tornadoes mod, players can add various weathers like snowfalls, storms, hurricanes and more. Players can use weather machines to summon cyclones, tornadoes and many dangerous weather conditions.

Download Weather, Storms & Tornadoes from here.

3) Scape and Run: Parasites


Scape and Run: Parasites mod turns Minecraft into a world plagued with parasites. These parasites can affect common mobs like cows, sheep, pigs and then spread before players notice.

The infected mobs can learn from their past battles and, over time, will learn new ways to attack players. Infected mobs can also merge and mutate into a monstrosity out of this world.

Download Scape and Run: Parasites from here.

2) Mutant Creatures


Mutant Creatures is one of the most famous Minecraft mods available online. It adds a mini-boss version of many common hostile mobs like creepers, zombies and endermen. Mutant variants are much more dangerous than regular ones and have special abilities.

Download Mutant Creatures from here.

1) Zombie Awareness


Many players would agree on zombies being one of the dumbest mobs in Minecraft. But, using Zombie Awareness mod, players can make zombies a real threat to their lives. Enhanced zombies are attracted to light, sound, and blond scents dropped by a player when hurt. This mod gives intelligence to the otherwise dumb zombies.

Download Zombie Awareness from here.

Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.

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