Top 5 cool Minecraft house designs

There are so many potential house designs in Minecraft, but which are considered some of the coolest? (Image via Minecraft)
There are so many potential house designs in Minecraft, but which are considered some of the coolest? (Image via Minecraft)

For many gamers, building is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Minecraft. With endless possibilities, Minecraft players can create almost anything their heart desires with the right materials.

Active members of the Minecraft community love to share their build ideas with others. This includes house designs, one of the most essential builds for Minecraft players, especially those who play in survival.

Though it’s hard to narrow down the absolute best Minecraft house designs overall, here are just some of the coolest houses Minecrafters have come up with.

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Coolest house designs in Minecraft

5) Treehouse


With so many trees to be found in any given Minecraft world, gamers might as well take advantage of the naturally spawning ecosystem by building on top of it.

Treehouses can be quite fun to incorporate into a Minecraft server, especially since almost everyone has wanted to play in one as a child. Minecraft treehouses can be infused with a regular size tree, or made into huge spaces with the help of some custom tree adjustments and expansions.

4) Built-in mountain home

A house that takes the shape of a mountain (Image via Minecraft)
A house that takes the shape of a mountain (Image via Minecraft)

The mountain biome is notoriously a great biome to build in on Minecraft worlds. With the biome’s high elevation and various flat surfaces, the building possibilities can be quite dynamic.

Players who love the incredible views from mountains will definitely want to build a mountain home. The typical mountain terrain provides great pre-existing shapes for Minecraft builders to work with, allowing for unique and complex designs every single time, regardless of the player’s skillset.

3) Volcano base


Though volcanoes are not an intentionally coded occurrence on Minecraft worlds, sometimes players find tall, thick mountains with lava streams coming out near the top, similar to a real-life volcano. Plus, players can also build their own unique volcanoes quite easily with enough lava and resources.

Within these volcanoes, gamers can go one step further and create homes. Living in a base surrounded by lava is sure to keep any Minecraft player on their toes, and would certainly make for some crazy visuals. Living in a lava-surrounded home could be considered a surefire way to impress others if built properly.

2) Underground base


Setting up a home in a hidden, underground base in Minecraft can be one of the coolest house designs of them all. With so many underground base designs available to build off of, players’ homes can be kept a secret from any other potential players on a server.

Players can opt to hide their underground base in complete secrecy through the use of redstone tricks, or, the house can be easily accessible from a ground level area, making it simple to venture into the depths of the home.

1) Ocean base


One of the most impressive Minecraft houses is one located in the ocean. Even more outstanding is a base that lives entirely underwater.

Though building underwater or ocean houses might often be complicated and time consuming, they almost always result in an amazing outcome. Players who choose to build their underwater home out of glass will especially get to enjoy the spectacular view of Minecraft ocean life.

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