Top 5 coolest Minecraft build ideas for 2022

Building statues is always cool (Image via Mojang)
Building statues is always cool (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft players are always coming up with incredible builds. From legitimate working CPUs (using a lot of redstone) to giant mansions, nearly nothing is impossible to build. That's a big pull for the game and part of why it's so popular nearly 13 years after the initial release date.

There are an infinite number of builds possible in Minecraft, but many of them are pretty popular across the board. Here are a few of the coolest builds possible.

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Cool builds for Minecraft players to try out

5) Tower

Players can build all sorts of towers, like a wizard's tower, one of the towers from the Lord of the Rings, etc. Towers are very cool because they're often circular, which provides a bit of a challenge since there are no circles. Still, towers can be one of the best things players can build, and certainly one of the coolest.

Towers can be one of the coolest builds in the game (Image via Mojang)
Towers can be one of the coolest builds in the game (Image via Mojang)

4) Underground bunker

There are several different ways to make an underground bunker, but they're one of the coolest bases to build in Minecraft. The bigger, the better and the cooler. It's one of the coolest builds players can do, especially when it doesn't seem like much until the players are inside. If it's well-hidden, it can be one of the most surprisingly impressive builds players can make.

3) Statue

Whether it's based on a real-life sculpture (perhaps The Thinker or something like that) or based on another person or character that players like, statues are really fun to build. Players have often built them for their favorite characters, like Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario.

2) Mansion

Mansions are one of the most difficult builds to try. The dimensions often have to be perfect and it can be hard to make such a tall build look good. However, a well-executed mansion is one of the coolest builds available to Minecraft players. They require a ton of materials, but they're worth it.

1) Village/city

Building an entire village or city in Minecraft is really cool. Having multiple interconnected roads and buildings makes for a really fun experience. Being able to go get food from one building and then finding tools at another is arguably the coolest build (though it's technically multiple builds) the game has to offer.

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