Top 5 coolest Minecraft redstone contraptions

A walking house made by Mumbo Jumbo (Image via YouTube)
A walking house made by Mumbo Jumbo (Image via YouTube)
Rohan Jaiswal

A large chunk of the Minecraft community enjoys creating redstone contraptions that can perform specific tasks.

Players can get redstone dust by mining its ore. The ore generates underground between Y levels 1 and 16. It can be mined using an iron pickaxe or better.

Using redstone dust, players can craft other redstone items such as redstone comparators and repeaters.

Given below is a list of the most incredible redstone contraptions in Minecraft.

Coolest redstone contraptions in Minecraft

5) Piston doors

Piston doors are fun redstone builds that open and close when players push a button, pull a lever, or step on a pressure plate. They are made using pistons, slime blocks and other redstone items.

Piston doors are often used to create secret entrances with secret ways of opening them.

4) Basalt bridge maker

When lava comes in contact with blue ice and soul soil blocks, it creates basalt blocks.

Using this property of lava, players can build a flying machine that makes a path of basalt blocks in the Nether world. This basalt bridge can be very helpful to cross large lava lakes in order to access more biomes.

3) Walking house

Players create bases in Minecraft to store their valuables and have a place to sleep. Having a base that moves on its own can be beneficial for players who want to explore different biomes.

However, the redstone contraptions required to make a moving base are very complex and impractical.

2) Vehicles

As Minecraft is a sandbox construction game, there are no working vehicles that can be found naturally. However, with the help of redstone, players can create vehicles of their own and use them for transportation.

One of the most common redstone contraptions used to create moving vehicles is a flying machine.

1) Working Computer

A computer that can be operated in Minecraft is one of the most mind-blowing redstone contraptions ever made.

legomasta99 is a Minecraft content creator on YouTube who made a working computer with cool features, such as a GPU and the ability to change the device's clock speed.

It has a working keyboard and a display made of redstone lamps. Players can use the keyboard to type letters on the computer and perform calculations as well.

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