Top 5 easiest to make automatic Minecraft farms for 1.16 version

Image via Jwhisp
Image via Jwhisp
Manish Kumar Choudhary

Minecraft has stayed among the top indie games for a decade due to its flexible gameplay. Players can build things, fight hostile mobs, breed animals, and explore the wild world of Minecraft.

But to do anything, players need resources. What's a better way to get resources than automatic farms? There are three types of farms: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. Semi-auto and manual farms require players to produce resources, whereas automatic farm work on its own.

This article shares some automatic farms that are simple to build and don't require many resources. These farms can be helpful for both beginners and veteran players.

Top 5 easiest to make automatic Minecraft farms

#5 - Sugarcane Farm


Sugarcanes are helpful in both early and late-game. This simple design requires some observers, pistons, water, hopper, and chest.

The observer detects when sugarcane is ready for harvest, and the piston activates and forces sugarcane into the water streams leading to a chest. Players need sugarcane to craft books, fermented spider eyes, and paper.

#4 - Bamboo Farm


Bamboo farms work similarly to sugarcane farms. The design is the same, except it doesn't require water adjacent to the block. Players can make scaffolding and sticks using bamboo. Players can also use bamboo as fuel which turns this farm into an automatic fuel farm.

#3 - Wool Farm


Players can automate shearing using an observer and dispenser. When a sheep eats grass, that block turns into dirt in Minecraft. Players can detect this event with an observer facing a particular grass block.

This signal from the observer goes to a dispenser facing the sheep, which shears its wool. Players can collect the wool on the dirt block with a hopper minecart under it.

#2 - Iron Farm without Zombie


Sometimes, catching a zombie for an iron farm can be annoying and challenging. Some players may not know that they can build an iron farm without a zombie. This farm has low rates compared to other iron farms but is easy to make.

This farm relies on the villager's natural iron golem spawning mechanism. Villagers can also spawn iron golem without being scared. YouTuber MineTheFab exploited this mechanism to create an automatic iron farm without a zombie in Minecraft.

#1 - Chicken Farm


Cooked chicken is an excellent source of food in Minecraft. Players can build an automatic chicken farm to get cooked chicken and feathers.

This farm collects eggs from chicken and then throws them at a block. When a baby chicken grows into an adult, it dies from lava and drops feathers and cooked chicken.

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