Top 5 easy to build Minecraft starter farms

A cooked chicken farm (Image via Minecraft)
A cooked chicken farm (Image via Minecraft)
Rohan Jaiswal

A good efficient farm in Minecraft is expected to yield a reasonable amount of items. There's a farm design for almost every item in the game, and even gold can be farmed in the Nether world by creating a farm that kills zombified piglins.

However, not every farm is as easy to make, with some of them requiring items that a beginner might be clueless about. Luckily, there are a lot of easy-to-make starter farms that yield enough items for a player to survive the early days of Minecraft.

5 best Minecraft starter farms that are easy to build

5) Wheat farm with dispensers

Wheat is one of the best crops to grow as it can be used in various ways. Bread can be crafted from it, which can be eaten or used to breed villagers. Wheat can also be used to breed animals such as cows.

An automatic wheat farm with dispensers is very easy to create. Water will be dispensed from the dispensers and will break the crops. Players can then collect the wheat and plant the seeds.

4) Automatic chicken farm

Chicken is one of the best food items in Minecraft when cooked. A single piece of cooked chicken will restore six hunger points (three drumsticks in the game). A cooked chicken farm is not a first-day farm, but it can be created after a few in-game days when the player has acquired redstone.

3) Kelp farm

Kelp is a common item that grows underwater in many ocean biomes. When smelted in a furnace or a smoker, kelp becomes dry kelp which can be used to craft an amazing fuel item called dry kelp block.

Dry kelp is one of the longest-lasting fuel items in Minecraft and can be very helpful for players in the early phase of their survival world.

2) Spawner XP farm

Experience points are something players will need a lot of for enchanting their items. Using spawners that are commonly found in mineshafts and dungeons, an XP farm can easily be created. Players will also be able to obtain items dropped by the mobs.

1) Entity cramming based cow farm

Entity cramming is a game rule that prohibits a specific number of mobs from standing on the same block. By default, the value is set to twenty-four, but this can be changed using commands.

If more mobs than the value set for entity cramming stand on the same block, the extra mobs will start dying. Using this game rule, players can easily create an automatic cow farm in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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