Top 5 most flammable blocks in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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Some Minecraft players have learned the hard way which blocks are flammable in the game.

Just like in real life, anything made of wood can easily catch fire and burn to a crisp in Minecraft. This can happen if an adjacent block is on fire, or if a block is too close to a lava pool. So, builds made of wood are always at risk of being destroyed at the hands of a mis-clicked flint and steel or fire charge, for example.

Wood isn’t the only type of block that is flammable in Minecraft, however. In fact, there are many blocks that are even more flammable than wood blocks.

Here are the top five most flammable blocks in Minecraft that players should keep far away from fires or lava.

Most flammable blocks in Minecraft

#5 - Dried Kelp Block

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Made out of nine dried kelp, dried kelp blocks are among the most flammable blocks in Minecraft. These blocks burn faster than every wood plank and/or log.

Thankfully, these blocks are not typically used in important builds and are not likely to be placed out and about where a fire could start. Dried kelp blocks are usually used as fuel in furnaces.

#4 - Wool

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Wool is not often kept in its block form as it is more frequently used as an ingredient in various crafting recipes, but if it is ever placed as a full block, players should know that it is highly flammable.

Wool blocks can burn at dangerously high rates. This can be especially tragic if a player has taken the time to collect a specific kind of dye to change the color of the wool. Minecraft players should be vary when placing these blocks so as to not accidentally burn them.

#3 - Scaffolding

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

One of the most flammable blocks in Minecraft can be incredibly inconvenient if burned, and that is scaffolding. If a player is building a tall structure in survival and uses scaffolding to access the high point, they could find themselves stuck if the blocks catch fire. Players should always use scaffolding far away from any fire or lava source to avoid any major problems such as this one.

Scaffolding is made out of bamboo, and it should be noted that bamboo blocks are just as flammable. Bamboo jungles could potentially burn down much faster than any other type of forest.

#2 - Plants

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

With the highest rate of flammability, nearly every single plant block can be categorized as the second most flammable block in Minecraft. This includes all flowers, berry bushes, grass, dead bushes, and vines. The burning of these blocks can be tragic for players who have put immense time and energy into perfecting a beautiful garden.

On a similar note, leaves are highly flammable as well, but they are not quite as flammable as the other plant blocks listed above. Blocks of leaves are more on par with dried kelp blocks in terms of flammability.

#1 - TNT

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Without a doubt, the most flammable block in all of Minecraft is the TNT block. Of course, this block does not disintegrate like the rest of the listed blocks will when caught on fire. Conversely, TNT was designed specifically for being flammable.

TNT blows up when ignited by flames or lava. TNT explosions can be immensely helpful in some scenarios, such as fighting the ender dragon or searching for ancient debris in the nether. However, TNT can be terribly dangerous as well, such as when exploring a desert temple.

Players should always be extra careful in situations involving TNT, and they should always be on the lookout for nearby fire or lava that may cause the block(s) to blow.

To see some crazy TNT explosions in Minecraft, check out this Mr. Beast video:

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