Top 5 Minecraft Redstone engineers to watch on YouTube

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Jourdyn Riley

Ever since redstone was introduced in Minecraft, it has become a large hit amongst parts of the Minecraft community. Redstone can be used for surface level builds, such as railroad tracks, but over the years, Minecraft players have taken redstone builds to completely new levels.

On YouTube, there are plenty of Minecraft players who upload videos focused solely on building with redstone, all of which are unique in their own way. Down below are the top 5 Minecraft Redstone engineers on YouTube ranked by subscriber count, all of which focus on both surface level builds and expert level builds.

Minecraft Redstone Engineers

#5 - docm77

docm77 is regarded as one of the best Minecraft Redstone builders within the Minecraft community. He has made odd redstone builds, such as the one above, but he is also known for making builds like automatic iron and automatic ghast farms.

docm77 currently has 862k subscribers on YouTube, and continues to upload there at least once a month.

#4 - iskall85

iskall85 is another Minecraft Redstone engineer that is highly regarded within the community. He is known for building amazing builds, such as vaults, houses, cave bases, and much more, all of which usually include some sort of intricate redstone use.

iskall85 currently has 1.58 million subscribers on YouTube, and posts about 2-3 times a week.

#3 - SethBling

SethBling is a Redstone engineer who takes the job above and beyond. He is known for making things such as a redstone banking system, an infinite storage system, a redstone controlled map display, amongst many others.

SethBling currently has 2.05 million subscribers on YouTube, although he has unfortunately not posted in about 6 months.

#2 - EthosLab

EthosLab is the second most popular Redstone engineer. He is known for making an automatic potion brewing lab, messing around with hoppers, as well as creating such an amazing storage room, that other players have attempted to duplicate it. EthosLab currently has 2.29 million subscribers on YouTube, and posts anywhere between once to twice a week!

#1 - Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo is the best known Minecraft engineer on YouTube, creating tons of different redstone builds, as well as partaking in redstone challenges. He creates videos focusing on redstone builds for beginners, but also shows off pro-level redstone builds.

Mumbo Jumbo currently has 7.62 million subscribers on YouTube, and posts about twice a week on average.

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