Top 5 Minecraft YouTube series to watch

Image via u/Angelfinn12 on Reddit
Image via u/Angelfinn12 on Reddit
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YouTube is the best website to find extremely entertaining Minecraft content. It is home to thousands of Minecraft series that cater to all audiences. Minecraft is one of the most popular games on YouTube due to the quality of content that is posted everyday.

However, certain series have more production and entertainment value than others. This is completely subjective, of course, however subscriber and viewer count are often a good guide. The series listed below will be some of the most popular and entertaining Minecraft shows on YouTube.

5 best Minecraft YouTube series to watch

5) Harcore Survival with fWhip

Image via transparent aluminum
Image via transparent aluminum

fWhip's Minecrat 1.17 Hardcore Survival series is extremely entertaining for many reasons.

First of all, hardcore mode is very intense due to the fact that the player will lose their whole world if they die. Also, the series takes place in the new Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update, making the series relatable to players playing on the newest update.

Here is a link to the newest episode of fWhip's series.

4) CoffeeFuelledGenius' "I Survived 100 Days" series

A tropical island (Image via minecraftforum)
A tropical island (Image via minecraftforum)

The "I Survived 100 Days" series by CoffeeFuelledGenius is one of the most entertaining series of videos on the Minecraft section of YouTube.

Similar to fWhip's series, most episodes of this series are played on hardcore mode, which adds to the excitement and risk factor. This, of course, makes for a very entertaining series. However, CoffeeFuelledGenius usually plays on custom maps that provide an extra challenge.

A link to the series can be found here.

3) aCookieGod's "Can You Beat" series

ACookieGod's Minecraft skin (Image via YouTube)
ACookieGod's Minecraft skin (Image via YouTube)

aCookieGod creates massive challenges for himself in his "Can You Beat" series. More specifically, he plays on insanely hard maps such as dripstone only or amethyst only worlds. This makes his content extremely interesting since players usually want to know if it is possible to survive on these types of maps.

A link to his most recent "Can You Beat" episode can be found here.

2) Dream's "Speedrunner vs. Assassin" series

Dream's Minecraft skin (Image via YouTube)
Dream's Minecraft skin (Image via YouTube)

Dream's "Speedrunner vs. Assassin" series is one of the most intense series on YouTube. Racking in millions of viewers in a matter of hours, this series is also one of the (if not the) most popular Minecraft series on YouTube.

This series consists of Dream running from multiple friends attempting to kill him. He has to have insane reaction time and quick thinking to be able to survive constantly being chased.

A link to the most recent episode can be found here.

1) Hermitcraft

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Right next to Dream's series is Hermitcraft. Basically, Hermitcraft is a server where some of the most popular Minecraft players coalesce, creating a server with beautiful builds and entertaining events.

Some of the most notable Minecraft content creators on the Hermitcraft server include Grian, EthosLab, and Iskall85. Each of these players has their own series documenting their activities on the server.

Grian's latest Hermitcraft video can be found here.

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