Top 5 Minecraft YouTubers who play Skyblock

Top YouTubers who play Skyblock (Image via Minecraft)
Top YouTubers who play Skyblock (Image via Minecraft)

Skyblock is a Minecraft game that was released on the Hypixel Network back on June 11, 2019. Players spawn on a private island and are given quests that guide them through how Skyblock works. They can expand their island, as well as travel to other islands.

Lots of YouTubers play Skyblock, and there are tons of very good Skyblock players within the Minecraft community. Listed below are the top 5 YouTubers who play Skyblock, all ranked according to their in-game stats.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Renowned Minecraft YouTubers who are Skyblock players

5) swavy


swavy, known as 58ms on Skyblock, is another active Skyblock player, who both uploads gameplay videos and streams live. He has a total kill count of 30,765 and a total death count of 91.

4) ThirtyVirus


ThirtyVirus began playing Minecraft Skyblock around two years ago and has since made a large impact on the Skyblock community. He uploads Skyblock videos, both gameplay and commentary. His current kill count is 748,351, and his total death count stands at 2,469. He has slightly less kills than the #3 player, but less deaths as well.

3) IGoByLotsOfNames


YouTuber IGoByLotsOfNames is another notable Skyblock player. He has quite a bit of armor, around a dozen different items in his wardrobe, a handful of weapons and dozens of active accessories. His total kill count is 796,818 and death count is 11,701, which is rather impressive after only two years of playtime.

2) Refraction


Refraction is considered a highly skilled Skyblock player, who has dozens of items such as pets, accessories, weapons and armor. His total kill count is 1,002,207 and death count is 4,178. The only reason he is not number one is because of his total death count.

1) Technoblade


Technoblade might be considered the best Skyblock player. There was a time when he was on a winning streak and never died while playing the game. Now, he has a total kill count of 18,003 and a death count of 23.

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