Top 5 mobs that give the most XP in Minecraft

XP in Minecraft (Image via planetminecraft)
XP in Minecraft (Image via planetminecraft)

Out of all the mobs in Minecraft, only a few give the player decent amounts of experience points. These mobs are often the hardest and rarest to beat and find in the game.

Players can search for these mobs or create farms with these mobs to gain all the XP they desire. Here are 5 of the best mobs to kill for XP in Minecraft.

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5 mobs that drop the most XP in Minecraft

#1 - Slimes and Magma Cubes


Slimes and Magma are great mobs to gain XP. Slimes and Magma Cubes each come in three different sizes: Large, medium, and small. Large slimes and cubes will drop 4 XP, mediums will drop 2, and smalls will drop 1 each.

If the player comes across a large cube or slime, then they will gain 16 XP from one mob. This is because when large cubes are slain they break into two mediums, and each medium breaks into two small cubes.

#2 - Piglin Brute


Piglin Brutes are one of the best mobs to kill for XP. While Piglin Brutes are difficult to kill, the reward is worth it. Piglin Brutes drop 20 XP when killed by a player, iron golem, or tamed wolf.

They may drop so much XP because of their rarity in Minecraft. Piglin Brutes only spawn around Bastion Remnants upon world generation, meaning there's a finite number of them in any given world.

#3 - Ravager


Ravagers are large hostile raid creatures that spawn during waves 3, 5, and 7 during raids. Ravagers drop 20 XP when killed, like Piglin Brutes. But, Ravagers are much harder to kill than Piglin Brutes. They have 100 health points while Piglin Brutes have 50, making them twice as hard to slay.

Ravagers only spawn during raids and drop the most XP for any beast in the game besides the Ender Dragon.

#4 - The Wither


The Wither is possibly the most dangerous mob in Minecraft but also drops tons of XP. Wither drops a heaping 50 XP when slain, which is a bit low for a mob as challenging as this one.

Withers don't naturally spawn in Minecraft and can only be spawned into the game with certain materials like wither skulls. When the Wither is killed, it also drops a Wither star which is a highly rare and valuable Minecraft item.

#5 - The Ender Dragon


Ender Dragon is the final mob boss in Minecraft. This dragon drops the most XP of any other mob in the entire game. Ender Dragon drops 12,000 XP when killed for the first time. This is enough to bring the player's level by a maximum of 64 levels.

Each time the Ender Dragon is killed afterward it only drops 500 XP, but this is still more than every other mob in Minecraft. This makes the Ender Dragon the best mob to kill for XP in Minecraft.

There are many ways to kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. Players have used creepers, TNTs, swords, and more to take down the beast. The Ender Dragon can be easily respawned to kill over and over again for more XP.

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