Top 5 moments when Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound cussed in videos

GeorgeNotFound funny moments (Image via GeorgeNotFound)
GeorgeNotFound funny moments (Image via GeorgeNotFound)

One of the main reasons for Minecraft's exponential growth in the last couple of years is a new generation of streamers like Dream, Quackity, TommyInnit, GeorgeNotFound, and more.

These streamers have gained millions of subscribers and followers on YouTube and Twitch in a short amount of time. One of the most prominent creators online, GeorgeNotFound, recently crossed the milestone of 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

George Davidson, popularly known as GeorgeNotFound, is one of Twitch's most wholesome and friendly streamers. However, streamers are human, and sometimes they end up making mistakes in front of their viewers. This article looks at some of the best moments where GeorgeNotFound was caught swearing.

Those times when Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound swore

5) Rage screaming while playing Minecraft Basketball

On a Twitch livestream (now removed), GeorgeNotFound, Dream, and their friends played a custom basketball map made by Dream himself. After losing some shots and watching others make perfect shots, he got annoyed and started screaming gibberish and then said, "F*ck you!! .... WHAT THE MUFFIN!!"

It was hilarious to see George say his iconic "What the muffin" just after he swore.

4) Almost swore after finding a small stronghold


Strongholds are one of the biggest structures in Minecraft. However, their sizes can vary depending on various factors. After finding a stronghold with just a couple of rooms, he almost said "f*c.." but then stopped as he realized his mistake. During this time, Dream was on the voice chat with George and asked him to finish the word.

3) "Let's f*cking go" Young GeorgeNotFound


His recent fans probably have no idea about how much George used to swear when he was young. Along with Minecraft, GeorgeNotFound also plays CS: GO. In his old streams, he used to swear a lot. In one of his old clips, fans can see him saying, "Let's f*ucking go," to the camera.

However, he has now stopped swearing in streams as many young viewers watch his content.

2) "Shut the f*ck up" while playing CS: GO


Young George strikes again with a "Shut the f*ck up" clip. As mentioned earlier, before gaining fame through collaborations with Dream and Minecraft manhunts, George used to swear a lot on his streams. In one such old clip, he can be seen laughing and saying "Shut the f*ck up" to his teammates.

1) Frustration from Dream's Hardest Minecraft game

Long ago, Dream created a series of challenges and called it the World's Hardest game in Minecraft. George attempted to beat the game but only to fail and get frustrated. In his rage and frustration, he let out a scream saying "F*UCK" to which Dream said, "George. You can't say that!"

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and reflects the opinions of the writer.

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