Top 5 reasons behind lag in Minecraft

Common reasons behind lag (Image via Minecraft)
Common reasons behind lag (Image via Minecraft)
Rohan Jaiswal

Minecraft has been out for more than a decade, and its graphics quality has been updated ever so slightly. Even though the game is very blocky and low-demand in terms of CPU power, sometimes a few players may experience lag spikes.

Lag can completely ruin the player's gameplay experience. However, by making a few changes, Minecrafters can make their game run smoother and better than it does on default settings.

5 reasons why Minecraft may lag and how to fix them


5) Bad server


Often, players notice that their game runs fine in single-player worlds but starts lagging upon joining a server. The reason behind the lag may not have anything to do with their game or computer.

The server might be the one to blame, and contacting the admins may help. The player's network can also affect their gameplay experience on servers.

4) Too many apps running in background


If there are too many applications running in the background, the player's computer may have difficulty running Minecraft smoothly. As readers can guess, the simple solution to this is closing unnecessary apps.

Players can also look into what apps start when they start their computer and stop non-essentials from starting independently.

3) Mods


Mods will usually not affect the game's performance. However, a few that increase the game's visual quality will always reduce the average framerate at which Minecraft is running. Too many mods installed at the same time can also affect performance.

Optifine is a fantastic mod using which a lot of the unnecessary particle effects and a few other things can be reduced or removed. This significantly makes the game smoother.

2) Too many entities

Many mobs at one place (Image via Minecraft)
Many mobs at one place (Image via Minecraft)

When there are too many items or mobs in one place, the player is bound to experience lag. The simple solution to this problem is killing the mobs or moving away from areas with too many entities.

1) High render distance

Render distance set too high will decrease performance (Image via u/Walshies on Reddit)
Render distance set too high will decrease performance (Image via u/Walshies on Reddit)

Render distance is the number of chunks that a player's game loads. The higher this value is set to, the more it will negatively affect the frame rate the player is getting.

If the player has a low-end PC, they should decrease the render distance. The ideal render distance for low end computers is between six and ten chunks.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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