Top 5 tameable animals in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Minecraft players can’t go wrong when they have a loyal companion by their side.

There are a handful of animal mobs in Minecraft that can be tamed and kept as pets. Taming an animal earns players the "Best Friends Forever" achievement, fittingly named, as the mobs will follow the player anywhere they go once tamed. Each tameable animal in Minecraft has its own unique way of being tamed and different advantages to offer.

This article ranks the most useful tameable animals in Minecraft.

Best tameable Minecraft animals

#5 - Parrot

Image via Minecraft

Parrots can be found in jungle biomes. Although jungle biomes are not too common, parrots tend to be easy to have as a pet once found. Players can use any type of seed to tame a parrot.

Parrots require perhaps the lowest maintenance of all the tameable mobs in Minecraft. They will follow the player by flying near them, which allows them to avoid any problematic surface areas such as lava pools. Parrots can also sit on a player’s shoulder as they travel, giving the player a stylish look.

#4 - Cats

Image via Minecraft

Cats are adorable pets to have in Minecraft. These cute creatures can be found in villages and require raw fish to be tamed. Untamed cats are scared of Minecraft players, so those who wish to tame a cat must approach the mob carefully and slowly while luring them in with a raw fish.

On top of being cute, cats can be highly beneficial in avoiding creepers. Creepers will not go near a cat, therefore if a player keeps a cat with them at all times, creepers will not go near.

#3 - Horses

Image via Minecraft

Horses are ideal for players who wish to travel in a Minecraft world without running the entire time. Horses can be found in plains or savanna biomes. Taming a horse only requires repeatedly hopping onto the animal until it gets comfortable with the player.

However, to ride a horse, a saddle is required. Saddles can only be found in various loot chests around the Minecraft world. Once a saddle is obtained, players will be able to travel quickly and efficiently via horse.

#2 - Donkeys/Mules

Image via Minecraft

Donkeys and mules are extremely similar to horses, which makes them near equally matched. However, there is one major difference that sets donkeys and mules slightly above horses. Donkeys and mules can carry chests, which makes moving many items at once much easier. Also, donkeys can carry slightly more than mules.

Donkeys and mules both move much slower than horses do though, with donkeys going a tad bit slower than mules. These mobs also cannot wear armor, unlike a horse. Despite this, they are incredibly useful for their storage purposes and can still be used for long travel.

#1 - Wolves

Image via Minecraft

Wolves are by far the best tameable animal in Minecraft. As another fun furry friend, these mobs are basically dogs and often referred to as such. They are found in forest and taiga biomes and can be tamed using a bone.

Wolves are so beneficial because they will attack any mob that a player attacks, acting as a helpful weapon of its own. However, their one weakness is creepers. For this reason, it might be a good idea to tame both a dog and a cat to better the chance of surviving against hostile mobs.

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