Top 5 things you can do with eggs in Minecraft

Chickens and their eggs (Image via Minecraft)
Chickens and their eggs (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, players will come across a variety of mobs throughout their gameplay. Each mob has a set of unique behavioral traits. For example, piglins are attracted to golden items, chickens drop eggs, and so on.

Chickens drop eggs every 5-10 mins. With just a few chickens, players can get a continuous supply of eggs in Minecraft. Players can use chicken eggs in many different ways.

Things you can do with eggs in Minecraft

#5 - The Lie Achievement


Many Minecraft players love to collect achievements after beating the ender dragon in Minecraft. Sometimes, players can forget the most accessible achievements because of how straightforward they are.

Baking a cake for the first time awards the player with "The Lie" achievement. Players can bake a cake using eggs, wheat, sugar, and milk.

#4 - Spawn chickens

Tons of baby chickens (Image via u/socialpronk)
Tons of baby chickens (Image via u/socialpronk)

Players can use eggs to produce chickens in Minecraft. When an egg is thrown, it will spawn a chicken one out of eight times. Sometimes, players can get lucky and spawn three chickens from one egg. The chances of this happening are less than 0.01% though.

Players can use a dispenser with a redstone clock to dispense eggs automatically.

#3 - Prank friends


Chicken can be super annoying at times. They constantly drop eggs on the ground and can spam the whole base in just a short amount of time. Players can prank their friends by throwing tons of eggs on their bases to spawn many chickens.

YouTuber Grian has pranked fellow hermits on the Hermitcraft server in this manner before. He used to cosplay as the "Chicken man" and prank Mumbo and others using eggs.

#2 - Knock enemies

Collecting chicken eggs (Image via Minecraft)
Collecting chicken eggs (Image via Minecraft)

Some players may not know that eggs can knock mobs back in Minecraft. Even though it deals no damage, players can use it to push enemies back. However, it will still aggro neutral mobs, so don't joke around with zombie piglins.

When thrown, an egg becomes a projectile like an arrow, but doesn't deal any damage.

#1 - Make pumpkin pies and cakes

Crafting pumpkin pie (Image via Minecraft)
Crafting pumpkin pie (Image via Minecraft)

One of the primary uses of eggs is to craft pumpkin pies and cakes. Players can prepare a cake using three wheat, three buckets of milk, two sugar, and an egg, whereas crafting a pumpkin pie only requires a pumpkin, sugar, and an egg.

Players can use both of them to recover hunger points in Minecraft.

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