Top 5 things that separate axolotls from other mobs in Minecraft

Axolotl and warden (Image via DeviantArt)
Axolotl and warden (Image via DeviantArt)

Axolotls are one of the newest additions to Minecraft. These adorable mobs were among the major attractions of Part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs update.

Axolotls are the first amphibians added to Minecraft. They can live on both land and water, but are much faster in water. Players should also be aware that axolotls will die if kept out of water for more than five minutes.

Previously, many types of mobs have made their way into Minecraft. But axolotls possess many unique qualities which cannot be found in the other mobs.

Axolotls are pretty different than other mobs in Minecraft

#5 - Axolotls can be carried in player's inventory

Axolotl buckets (Image via PlanetMinecraft)
Axolotl buckets (Image via PlanetMinecraft)

Axolotls are one of the first mobs that can be held in a player's inventory. Like fishes, players can pick axolotls in buckets. Players can pick as many axolotls they want and take them to their base easily.

Unlike wolves and cats, players won't have to worry about looking after them while traveling. They can just be carried in buckets.

#4 - No need for name tags


After acquiring a new pet, naming it is one of the first things players do. Usually, players would need name tags to name mobs in Minecraft. But axolotls are different in this case as well.

Players can change the name of the axolotl bucket on an anvil. Doing this will also change the name of the axolotl. Players without a renewable source of name tags can use anvils to name axolotls.

#3 - Blue axolotls


Blue axolotls are one of the rarest mobs in Minecraft. They are one of the few mobs that can only be obtained via breeding. In the 1.17 version, blue axolotls were rare but were able to spawn naturally. However, this was not intentional and so Mojang changed it in the 1.17.1 bug fix update.

#2 - Hostile towards aquatic mobs

Axolotls attacking elder guardian (Image via Minecraft)
Axolotls attacking elder guardian (Image via Minecraft)

Even though axolotls are cute, they are hostile towards aquatic mobs. Other than dolphins and turtles, the axolotl will attack all aquatic mobs like drowned, guardians, squids, etc.

Using axolotls, players can farm glow squids and guardians automatically.

#1 - Regeneration ability


Axolotls are one of the few mobs in Minecraft with the ability to apply status effects on players. Instead of harmful effects like Wither, axolotls use regeneration on players.

When a player helps an axolotl defeat a mob, the axolotl will heal the player. Doing this for the first time will also give players "The Healing Power of Friendship!" advancement in Minecraft.

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