Top 5 tips to build faster in Minecraft

An adorable house (Image via u/A13XFPS on Reddit)
An adorable house (Image via u/A13XFPS on Reddit)

The world of Minecraft is filled with many beautiful blocks. There are hundreds of blocks and items available in the game. Each block has unique colors and textures.

With a plethora of various blocks, Minecraft is the best sandbox game for players with creativity. They can use imagination and skills to create beautiful builds.

Even in survival Minecraft, players have to make a base to protect themselves and store items.

While building things is definitely fun to do, it can be pretty tedious and time-taking. This article shares some tips to make the lives of every builder easier than it was.

Tips for building faster in Minecraft

#5 - Keep the required blocks ready

Make a list of items(Image via Reddit)
Make a list of items(Image via Reddit)

A lot of times players start building, and mid-way through, they run out of resources. Due to this, players have to stop and farm resources to continue again. They can make a list of items needed and collect them before starting any new project. It is a simple and easy way to stay efficient in Minecraft.

#4 - Light the nearby areas

Light areas (Image via Minecraft forum)
Light areas (Image via Minecraft forum)

Creepers do not care if a build has taken hours to form or just a few minutes. They will destroy everything in the blast radius. An easy way to protect a build is to light the nearby areas. No hostile mobs spawn in areas with light levels above seven.

While building, the last thing a player would want is a creeper explosion out of nowhere.

#3 - Test it out in a creative world

A creative world (Image via Reddit)
A creative world (Image via Reddit)

Many players have a separate world to test their builds, ideas, and color schemes to see how they will look and feel in Minecraft. Building things in survival takes hours of effort as players have to collect resources and then build them. They can create a world to test their builds before actually making it and thus, save time.

#2 - Make blueprints

While doing repetitive builds, players will have to be careful with every tiny detail. To avoid making mistakes, they can use mods to get blueprints of structures. It is survival-friendly and is not considered cheating. Many players use it to build copies of structures in their survival worlds.

Players can also create blueprints of buildings from a downloaded world and rebuild them in a survival world. They can use litematica or other such mods to create blueprints.

#1 - Use world edit

Mega builders use world edit to create massive bases. Whether it is copy/pasting a building or summoning a colossal sphere, world edit can do so in a matter of a few commands.

World edit is one of the most powerful mods for Minecraft. Players creating massive builds like cities can use it to copy-paste small buildings, tree designs, etc.

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