Top 5 tips for players mining Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Ancient Debris (Images via Minecraft Wiki)
Ancient Debris (Images via Minecraft Wiki)

Ancient Debris is one of the most useful items in Minecraft. Unfortunately, it's also one of the hardest to come by. It can only be found in the Nether, one of the most dangerous places to go. It also spawns infrequently and in small numbers, so it's incredibly difficult to get enough to make a Netherite item.

Still, getting items and armor to Netherite level helps a lot. It makes all the items significantly stronger, so it's well worth the effort. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for Ancient Debris.

Tips for Minecraft players who want to find Ancient Debris

5) Fire Protection

Fire Protection is the best defensive enchantment to have when in the Nether. Potions of Fire Resistance are also helpful. Players need to have everything they can for when the surrounding Netherrack catches on fire or lava begins to pour in.

4) Mark the way back

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Finding Ancient Debris can take a long time. This is especially true when trying to find enough to make one Netherite ingot. Embarking on this journey likely means players will end up far away from spawn. Marking the way with other blocks is very helpful to not get lost.

Alternatively, a lodestone is good for this, too.

3) Use beds

Mining Ancient Debris with beds be like:

Using beds to blow up the surrounding area to reveal Ancient Debris is arguably the best method. It opens up a larger area than mining does and is much quicker. It's a little more dangerous, but it's probably worth the risk.

2) Bring a diamond pickaxe

Scouring the Nether for ancient debris? Better pair that pickaxe with an explosive charge, because this long-lost remnant doesn’t just lay bare its secrets to some Overworld dabbler!Learn all about this Netherite coating playing hard-to-get:↣ β†’

When strip mining for Ancient Debris, it's easy enough to use all other kinds of pickaxes. Netherrack breaks easily, while diamonds are far too valuable. However, players need to have at least one diamond pickaxe since it's the only type that will break Ancient Debris and drop the item.

1) Crouch

Danger is ever-present (Image via Mojang)
Danger is ever-present (Image via Mojang)

When strip mining in the Nether, crouching is imperative. Lava, fire, and other dangers can be found with every block. Netherrack breaks so quickly that it's easy to get ahead of oneself.

If Minecraft players were to accidentally mine a block and fall into lava or down enough blocks to die, that would be unfortunate. Crouching effectively removes that possibility.

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