Top 5 tips to stay safe from creepers in Minecraft

Creepers (Image via Minecraft)
Creepers (Image via Minecraft)

In the nearly endless world of Minecraft, coming across mobs is one of the most common things. During the daytime, peaceful animals can be found in the Overworld, but at night time, players will see hostile mobs spawning everywhere.

Out of many hostile mobs, creepers are the most annoying mob in Minecraft. Many players have died from creeper explosions. This mistake made by Minecraft's creator, Notch, is the reason behind many players' nightmares.

Creepers are infamous for destroying bases and killing players by surprise. This article shares some tips to stay safe from creepers.

How to protect yourself from creepers in Minecraft

5) Turn on sounds

Audio settings (Image via Minecraft)
Audio settings (Image via Minecraft)

Many hostile mobs like zombies and blazes make loud horrifying sounds. Due to this, some players prefer to lower hostile mob sounds from audio settings. But doing this makes them vulnerable to creepers.

Creepers are silent killers who love to sneak behind players and kill them with explosions. Just before exploding, creepers make a sharp hiss. Players can keep the sound around 50% or more to hear the sound and react quickly.

4) Light up areas


Creepers are hostile mobs who only spawn when the light level is below seven. Players can spawn proof their base to prevent hostile mobs from spawning. Using torches is one of the cheapest spawn-proof techniques.

Players can also use other items like carpets, buttons, pressure plates, etc., to spawn proof their farms or bases. It will prevent all kinds of mobs from spawning.

3) Use cats

How to breed cats in Minecraft easily

Spawn-proofing an entire base can be pretty exhausting and time-consuming. Instead of doing that, players can use cats to keep creepers away. For some reason, creepers are scared of cats in Minecraft.

Just like skeletons stay away from wolves, creepers also run away from cats. Players can keep cats at the entrance of their home to not let any creeper enter.

2) Use shields

Use shield (Image via Minecraft)
Use shield (Image via Minecraft)

Shields are the best way to defend against almost every attack in Minecraft. Players can use a shield to survive creeper explosions easily. However, it will only protect from any blast in front of the player. If another creeper explodes behind the player, the shield won't reduce the damage.

1) Blast protection


As obvious from its name, Blast Protection is an enchantment tailor-made for surviving explosions in Minecraft. Having this enchantment on any piece of armor will significantly reduce the damage taken from creeper explosions.

Along with these tips, players should always prefer being offensive towards hostile mobs. For creepers, using ranged weapons is among the safest ways to defeat them.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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