Top 5 uses for the piercing enchantment in Minecraft

Piercing enchantment Minecraft (Image via
Piercing enchantment Minecraft (Image via
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Piercing is a crossbow enchantment in Minecraft. It's one of the least common enchantments in the game since it can only be used on crossbows. However, this enchantment is extremely useful to players.

The piercing enchantment works by allowing a crossbow to shoot arrows that pierce through up to five mobs with one arrow, depending on the level of enchantment. Minecraft's piercing enchantment has four levels, and each one adds more damage and ability to pierce through multiple opponents. Piercing also stops arrows from disappearing after shooting through mobs, essentially giving the player an infinite arrow supply as long as they pick them up afterwards.

Piercing is one of the best enchantments for crossbows. It does a lot of damage and helps the player immensely in battles. But what can the player use the piercing enchantment for? Here is a list of the 5 top use for the piercing crossbow enchantment in Minecraft.

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5 Best uses for the piercing enchantment in Minecraft

#1 - Fighting hordes of mobs

Most players have tried out hard mode in survival Minecraft. They probably know from this experience that in some Minecraft nights, players can have hordes of mobs following them around. This is amplified in villages as well.

The piercing crossbow enchantment is great to use when faced with these dangerous mob groups.

#2 - Pillager battles

Crossbows are the main weapon of choice for male pillagers, and this may inspire players to use the pillager's weapon against them. This works best with the piercing enchantment. Players are able to shoot through Ravagers, pillagers, and other raid-associated mobs with ease. It helps Minecraft players finish raids faster and also helps players save arrows.

#3 - Two birds, one arrow Minecraft achievement

There is one achievement that is only possible with the piercing enchantment on a crossbow.

This achievement requires the player to kill two phantoms with the same piercing arrow. It's highly specific, so it's also highly unlikely. If any players are looking to get all the achievements in Minecraft, the piercing enchantment will help them get this one.

#4 - Saving arrows

Different crossbow enchantments (Image via
Different crossbow enchantments (Image via

One of the best ways to save arrows is with the piercing crossbow enchantment. When crossbows are enchanted with piercing, the arrows don't disappear after the player shoots them. Minecraft players can shoot these arrows and expect to collect them afterwards, and theoretically have infinite arrows.

#5 - Fights against other Minecraft players

Crossbow fighting (Image via
Crossbow fighting (Image via

Piercing enchanted arrows can actually travel through shields in Minecraft. This makes them the perfect weapon to use against other players in Minecraft. Players can use these weapons on servers, or just in fights against friends. Either way, piercing enchanted crossbows are sure to do a lot of damage.

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