Top 5 uses for villages in Minecraft

Minecraft village (Image via
Minecraft village (Image via
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Villages are a staple of Minecraft. They've been naturally generating in the game since the very beginning.

Villages have come a long way since their humble origins. While the structures around them haven't changed much, the villagers certainly have. They are capable of trading with players, gossiping, and working in different professions.

There is a lot of variation in crops grown in villages. Even the supplies in village chests are diverse. This article dives into five ways to use these resourceful locations in Minecraft.

5 Best ways for Minecraft players to use villages

#1 - Food and crops

Village farm (Image via Reddit)
Village farm (Image via Reddit)

Villages are known for their farms. Village farms can provide wheat, potatoes, carrots, melons, and even pumpkins if the player is fortunate. Players are free to take and replant from these village farms, although farmer villagers may be a little heated about players taking their crops.

#2 - Trading

Trading with villagers (Image via 10roar)
Trading with villagers (Image via 10roar)

Players can trade with villagers to get valuable or rare resources. The more a player level ups their villager, the more rare trades they'll get. This is a straightforward way to get otherwise nearly impossible items in Minecraft.

#3 - Loot

Blacksmith House (Image via Minecraft forum)
Blacksmith House (Image via Minecraft forum)

Village chests are great places to find rare loot. Chests are often located in the blacksmith's house. In these chests, players will often find the most rare resources in Minecraft.

Sometimes chests spawn in other village houses, which will offer crops, food, or book materials.

#4 - Shelter

Minecraft village shelter (Image via planet Minecraft)
Minecraft village shelter (Image via planet Minecraft)

Newer players are usually relieved when they find a Minecraft village because it means free shelter, protection, and a bed to sleep for the night. Most villages have an empty house waiting for new players to move into. If the player doesn't care, they can also take an already occupied house.

#5 - Projects


Minecraft players love new projects, whether it's building their first house or their sixth castle. A great project that all Minecraft players enjoy is revamping a village.

Players can get really creative with this endeavor. They can change the materials used in the village houses or create a new housing style altogether. Add or get rid of houses and move villagers into apartments.

Players can create rivers and canals inside their new village or build castles to rule over the lands.

Walls are always nice to keep the villagers safe. They work a great defense against hostile mobs. If the player is building a wall around the village, they should live in the enclosed area, so mobs don't spawn.

Once players expand their village, they'll likely want to repopulate the village. This is generally easy and can also provide more trades for the player.

There are many options for players looking to revamp their villages. Minecraft players are highly encouraged to try out a few.

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